Password Manager & Vault

Proactive Protection for Your Digital Life

We’ll help you store important digital assets and passwords securely. Plus, we’ll alert you if there's a password breach so you can protect your online accounts.

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Password Manager

Protect Your Passwords From Breaches

We’ll help you safely store and create strong passwords for unlimited accounts. If your passwords are weak or vulnerable from a data breach, we’ll alert you and automatically update them with one click.

Password Manager

Never Forget a Password

We remember them so you don’t have to. Save your passwords as you browse and access them on every device with auto-sync.


Store & Share Digital Info Securely

Vault is your digital lockbox. Store important digital info and files, and easily share them with people on your plan. All items in your Vault are secured with military-grade encryption.

Email Alias

Keep Your Email Address Private

Generate email aliases to hide your actual email address so you can prevent unwanted spam and reduce your exposure in data breaches.

Should I Use a Password Manager?

In 2021, over 5.2M people were victims of account takeover fraud. Help protect your online accounts with strong, unique passwords today.⁹

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$1,000,000 ID Theft Insurance*

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60-Day Money-back Guarantee2

What is a password manager?

Aura Password Manager simplifies your digital life by taking the headache out of memorizing usernames and passwords. We make it easy to automatically save your passwords as you browse and get access whenever you need them. Plus, we’ll let you know if your passwords are weak or have been compromised, and help you update them in just a few clicks.

Which devices and browsers support password manager?

Aura Password Manager is available for iOS, Android, and browser extensions: Chrome, FireFox, and Edge.

Will my passwords be synced across all my devices?

Yes! Passwords that you add on each platform and browser will be synced across all supported desktops, tablets and mobile devices. This also includes any edits you make to an account.

How do you keep my passwords secure?

Your information is secured with 256-AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), the same encryption technology generally used by major banks and the military.

Can I import my passwords from other password managers?

Yes! If you have usernames and passwords saved in your web browser or password manager, you can use a CSV file to import them to Aura all at once.

Can I use password manager as an authenticator?

If a website or service requires two-step verification, you can simplify the process and use Aura password manager to generate one-time passwords (OTP). Currently, this is limited to select sites. Learn more about how to set up OTP