We’re creating a safer internet for everyone

As a mission-driven technology company, we envision a future in which all people are empowered to live their digital lives with confidence and peace of mind.

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What is Aura Cares?

We launched Aura Cares in support of our mission to create a safer internet for everyone, recognizing that our all-in-one technology cannot achieve this mission entirely on its own.

That's where Aura Cares comes in. Building a truly safer internet for everyone demands consideration of those especially vulnerable in their online lives, a deep understanding of the varied digital experiences of people from all types of backgrounds, and an ability to adapt to better address those challenges and unique needs.

As a leader in consumer digital safety, we believe it is our responsibility to help fill these gaps. It's why we established a strategic focus in areas we are uniquely positioned to have the greatest influence and identified activities that directly tie not only to our mission, but that support Aura’s longevity and ensure we are here, advocating for consumers everywhere, for many years to come.

A Safer, More Sustainable Internet

2022 Aura Cares Report

Aura takes seriously our commitment to creating a safer internet for everyone. Part of this includes regular and transparent reporting around our success, as well as opportunities for growth. We’re honored to share our first-ever Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which illustrates our progress in ESG governance, environmental sustainability and driving positive societal, community and industry change.

Partnership-Based Approach

We realize that achieving our mission of a safer internet for everyone will not be easy, nor can it be achieved by Aura alone. It requires a strategic effort that combines our expertise and best-in-class technology with proactive collaboration among those with the power to understand, reach and engage groups most at-risk of online threats, underrepresented individuals in our industry and innovators pioneering the future of digital safety and security.

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Driving awareness of heightened risk among communities especially vulnerable to cyber threats

At Aura, we believe it’s our responsibility to take steps to help address and reverse digital threats' increased prevalence and disproportionate toll among especially vulnerable communities. We seek to share our understanding of digital security, the dangers of cyber threats and tools that better protect us as we navigate an increasingly digital world - in particular among those at heightened risk of evolving threats.

In close collaboration with partners who understand and advocate for these communities everyday, we’re building bespoke education campaigns that drive awareness and understanding of increased vulnerability. We're also providing resources to help combat this, as well as offering Aura's proactive protection - so they can simply secure everything they need to do online, while protecting all they care about offline.

Who is most vulnerable?

Aura teamed up with the nation’s largest military family support organization Blue Star Families in 2021 to raise awareness among active-duty service members, Veterans, and their families of their increased vulnerability to cybercrime. In partnership with Blue Star Families, Aura reached nearly 50,000 military families with a multi-channel cybersecurity education.


Active-duty service members are 3X more likely to experience electronic theft of money directly from bank accounts. (Source)

U.S. Children

1 in 50 children have been victims of identity theft. 73% of victims know their perpetrators and foster youth are at higher risk. (Source)

Survivors of Domestic Abuse

In 99% of cases, financial abuse is reported. Often made possible through identity theft or other fraud. (Source)

Older Adults

Americans 60+ lost $1.7 billion to fraud in 2021, more than any other age group. (Source)

Partnership with Theresa’s Fund & DomesticShelters.org

Protecting Survivors of Domestic Violence

Aura works with DomesticShelters.org to provide survivors and victims of domestic abuse with educational resources to protect themselves and their loved ones online. Aura has worked with the organization to create awareness of the connection between financial abuse and domestic violence, educate Aura teams about abuse dynamics, and new features in an effort to keep survivors safe.

Blue Star Families Collaboration

Protecting Military Families from Online Threats

To raise awareness of their increased vulnerability to cybercrime among the military community, Aura teamed up with the nation’s largest military family support organization, Blue Star Families. Aura supports stronger digital security for millions of military families with our military discount and online safety hub featuring new educational resources and digital safety tips.

Securing Your Life’s Work

Protecting Seniors 60+ from Scams and Fraud

Aura launched a free trial, product discount, and digital safety education hub for the 60+ community to address disproportionate rates of identity theft, scams, and fraud targeting seniors. In addition, Aura announced a charitable donation to and partnership with Cyber-Seniors to expand cybercrime prevention resources available to older adults and their caregivers.

Partnership with Family Online Safety

Protecting Children and Families from Cybercrime

Aura joined the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) to help inform and shape the future of digital and financial safety, identity protection, and privacy. Together with FOSI’s member companies, we continue to educate and empower families so they may live with the peace of mind that their information will remain private and their finances protected.

Together We Rise X Timberwolves

Proactive Protection for Foster Youth

As part of Aura's brand partnership and jersey patch sponsorship with the Minnesota Timberwolves, we launched Aura’s Defensive Play of the Game in collaboration with Together We Rise, donating more than $150,000 to Minnesota-based foster youth and to raise awareness of the high rates of identity theft among this community.

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Fostering the next generation of diverse talent in STEM and inclusive technology workplaces

Creating a safer internet for everyone, first demands an understanding of the vastly different digital experiences, needs and challenges of people from all backgrounds, cultures, communities, ethnicities, religions and more. That understanding requires a workforce that more closely represents - and can therefore address the needs of - the diversity of the world we live in.

That’s why Aura Cares' inclusion efforts focus on investing in underrepresented talent through STEM education and mentoring, and evolving our talent pipeline by donating to and collaborating with organizations fostering a diverse workforce. Because diversity and inclusion aren’t just critical to building a safer internet for all people - but for building a business that continues to grow and evolve for many years to come.

Investing in Underrepresented Tech Scholars

Aura STEM Scholarship at Howard University

In 2022, Aura partnered with Howard University to provide a four-year scholarship to an exceptional incoming freshman studying at the Washington, D.C.-based HBCU. Megdelawit Anbes — a computer science major at Howard University's College of Engineering and Architecture — was the inaugural recipient of the $260,000 scholarship.

Spotlight on Code2College

Nurturing the Talent of Tomorrow

In 2021, Aura launched a multi-year partnership with STEM education and mentorship non-profit Code2College, to support the professional development, as well as college & career access of lower-income women, Black and Latino high school students.

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Ethical innovation to support a workforce, venture community and industry that’s built to evolve and last for many years to come

Critical to building a safer internet for all people is investing in emerging startups and underrepresented founders who are charting the future of online safety. Aura is investing in the future of digital safety and committed to evolving this ecosystem ethically and sustainably.

Aura Innovation Fund: Investing in the Too-Often Overlooked

Innovation is core to ensuring that Aura remains cutting-edge and best-in-class. We believe it's possible to do this in a way that directs hard-to-access capital to startups and founders who are often overlooked. Similar to our education and inclusion initiatives, we believe that our innovation efforts must help us fill the gap in creating a safer internet for everyone.

That’s why we’re identifying and investing in early stage startups that are either led by an underrepresented group in our industry, or solve a problem for a community at especially high risk of cybercrime.

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Spotlight on HacWare

Pioneering the Future of Smart Cybersecurity Training

In early 2022, the Aura Innovation Fund made its first-ever investment in HacWare and four-time startup founder Tiffany Ricks. Through its AI-powered phishing training, HacWare is reimagining how a business can reduce its risk by identifying and then changing vulnerable employee behavior.

Partnership with Kidas

Safe Gaming for Kids, Peace of Mind for Parents

In 2023, the Aura Innovation Fund made its second investment in Kidas and its software designed to protect a community that’s highly vulnerable to cybercrime: children. While increased social interactions within online gaming has proven to be a great tool in developing cognitive and social skills, it has also exposed children to a plethora of serious threats.

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Aura recognizes and supports the collective, systemic change needed to address the climate crisis, and champions a world in which all people can thrive

The protections and security our technology offers families are only significant if we have a healthy, thriving planet on which to live and grow. As we operate, innovate and collaborate, the health of our environment will be kept top of mind - to create not only a safer internet, but a more sustainable one, as well.

A Safer, More Sustainable Internet

Aura Sets Carbon Neutral Goal

As a leader in technology, we have a responsibility to help address and reverse climate change. That’s why we’re setting a goal to achieve carbon neutrality in 2023. Learn more about how we’re going carbon neutral in our 2022 Aura Cares Report.

Robert Downey Jr. Praises Aura’s Commitment to Climate Action

Aura Investor, Board Member and Climate Activist Robert Downey Jr. speaks about the importance of collective action to address the climate crisis, and the role of industry leaders in catalyzing change.

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