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The Aura Family Plan comes with parental controls powered by Circle® that make it easy to keep kids safe online. Block and filter any websites and apps, set screen time limits, and monitor internet usage.

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Help Kids Explore Safely and Build Healthy Online Habits

9 hours

According to the CDC, kids ages 11-14 spend almost 9 hours a day in front of a screen consuming entertainment media.6


Of kids check their mobile devices within 30 minutes of falling asleep at night.7


Of parents are worried about their child’s online safety.8

Want to learn more about having conversations with your kids about online safety and wellbeing? Check out The Digital Talk.

Monitor Content and Block Sites

Aura’s Content Filters allow you to customize what your kids can view online. Easily select apps, games, and websites to limit or restrict altogether.

Manage Screen Time

Know that your kids are safe from too much of a good thing—the internet. Set time limits for apps and websites and customize for each family member.

View Time Online

Get a complete picture of your kids’ internet use across all devices so you can make informed decisions about the amount of screen time that’s right for your family.

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When should I start using parental controls?

A good time to consider using parental controls is when your kid gets their first device or smartphone or starts using a device without supervision. 

Aura’s parental controls help you to understand and control your child’s activities on their devices. For example, you can block inappropriate content, set time limits for specific apps and receive notifications when they go over, view their web browser history, and get insights into their online activity. 

Kids today are surrounded by technology and their relationship with it changes over time. At times, you may want to consider adjusting your parental controls settings for each child’s account. Aura Parental Controls are flexible and customizable making them a great tool for kids of all ages.

When is a good time to talk to kids about online safety?

It’s never too late to talk to kids about online safety, but experts and parents agree: the sooner, the better. 

Talking to your kids about why online safety is important is much more impactful than setting rules and boundaries without explanation. During your talk, make sure to address issues, such as:

  • Screen time: Explain the need for screen-free time and why you will set limits on your child’s device.
  • Social media: Show them how social networking sites work and what’s appropriate (or not) to share.
  • Mature content: Warn them about adult content and make sure they know who to talk to if they come across it.
  • Malware: Explain how viruses make devices sick and how they should ask before downloading apps or trying to watch tv shows on streaming sites you haven’t approved. 
  • Online privacy: Teach your children not to share private or personal information online — even their address, school name, or phone number.

Talking to your kids about online safety and screen time is a lot like talking to them about any other activity with clear rules and boundaries (following a curfew or driving a car for the first time). If you start from the outset, there are fewer surprises down the road.

What devices does Aura Parental Controls work with?

Aura Parental Controls work with Apple iPhones and iPads (iOS 13 or later) as well as Android mobile devices (Android 9.0 or later).

Is there a limit to the number of devices I can monitor?

With Aura Parental Controls, you can set up unlimited family member profiles for parental controls and manage unlimited mobile devices.

What is a content filter? How does Aura protect my child from mature content?

An internet content filter is a tool that helps manage web content. You can restrict specific websites and apps while allowing others. The best filters let you make adjustments for different users, like each member of your family. 

Aura’s internet content filtering makes it easy to customize what your kids can view online. Easily select apps, games, and websites to limit or restrict altogether.

Does Aura Parental Controls monitor text messages?

Aura does not monitor text messages, phone calls, iMessages, emails, or in-app messages from Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. 

Aura can stop in-app messages from Snapchat, Instagram, etc. from being sent or received when those apps are blocked using Aura’s Content Filters.

Aura believes in mentoring over monitoring when it comes to online safety. Kids grow and thrive when they have a little bit of privacy in their online communication. But parents should consider smartphone-related issues common to kids and adults (like misreading someone’s tone in a text!) It’s best to talk to your kids about their emotions when they use technology, especially when using mobile devices to communicate.