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We’re making an all-in-one intelligent safety solution that's simple to understand and easy to use.

Letter from our founder and CEO

Creating a Safer Internet

In 2014, I was surprised to learn that my credit information was stolen. As a result, I spent a lot of time researching what to do. I quickly learned that digital security was a big problem, with no comprehensive solution. The products that were supposed to help me were confusing, difficult to use, and expensive. But, most importantly, no one product could give me all the solutions I needed.

I was inspired to start Aura, a company that gives people the peace of mind to know that they are safe online. Today we serve over a million members worldwide. Together, we will make the internet safer.

Hari Ravichandran, Founder and CEO

Our team is composed of leaders with deep experience in identity, privacy, and security.

“Aura sets itself apart by being a one-stop shop. While many competitors offer monitoring and account tracking, Aura goes a few steps further by providing antivirus, a password manager and VPN services as well.”

“Aura has a neat interface to monitor essential financial vulnerabilities, such as bank accounts, and identity theft records. The upfront pricing is refreshing, it is simple to use, and Aura even includes a password manager, VPN, and antivirus to make its security solution an even more compelling deal.”

“[Aura] is comprised of products and services on the leading and sometimes bleeding edge of personal and financial security. It has over 20 years of experience in identity theft protection and many robust feature sets that blow the competition out of the water.” 

“Aura offers a suite of software designed to protect privacy and guard against identity theft. All of the company's identity theft protection plans include antivirus, which scans for malware-like viruses, a password manager, and a virtual private network (VPN), all tools that can prevent your data from being hacked and open you up to identity theft.”

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Creating a Safer Internet for Everyone

Creating a safer internet for everyone can't be achieved by our technology alone - we have a responsibility to fill the gaps.

Why Aura Cares

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