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At Aura, our mission is to create a safer internet for everyone, using AI to deliver predictive, personalized, and autonomous online safety experiences for consumers.

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How We Use AI

Aura uses AI to detect emerging threats faster and adapt.

Our technology recognizes trends, patterns, and behaviors to take proactive action, identifying emerging online threats and shifts in online behavior before they become problems.

When it comes to user privacy and user data protection: we take both very seriously.

We've implemented advanced encryption measures, just like the ones used by banks and the military, to keep your data safe whether it's in transit between digital locations or being stored securely. Your data is anonymized, meaning it's stripped of personal identifiers, and we're careful about what kind of information we collect in the first place. We prioritize transparency in our terms of service, supporting consumer rights such as the right to be forgotten and data de-identification. We also don't hang onto your data longer than we need to, and we’ll never sell your data.

Your family’s trust means everything to us, and we're committed to protecting your privacy every step of the way.

Our Commitment

We recognize the immense power of AI in shaping family online safety experiences.

That’s why we’re committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical behavior and integrity in our use of AI technology. Rooted in the principle of doing what is right for our users and society at large, we believe that when we build for the most vulnerable populations, we all benefit.

We pledge to prioritize the ethical considerations inherent in AI development and deployment,  including the critical importance of inclusivity. This means prioritizing representation and addressing the needs of often overlooked vulnerable populations, ensuring accountability in our practices, safeguarding user privacy, and actively working to mitigate any potential harm caused by our technology.

Aura is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world–for families and individuals, at every stage of life. As we continue to leverage AI to enhance online safety, we do so with integrity at the forefront, ensuring our commitment extends beyond technological innovation.

Our AI Principles

At Aura, we’re PEOPLE-first. We’ve set boundaries that reflect our commitment to respecting your privacy.

Employing intelligent and thoughtful practices, and handling your information with the utmost care and responsibility, we:

Promote Human-Centered Design

Prioritizing user needs, accessibility, and usability to ensure our AI systems are understandable, intuitive, inclusive, and beneficial for diverse user populations is of the utmost importance.

Ensure No Harm

Proactively safeguarding against hazards in AI development and deployment by identifying and mitigating risks is a guiding principle of everything we do at Aura.

Operate Within Our Expertise

Our AI systems are designed to operate strictly within the bounds of our expertise, ensuring that the information surfaced to you is relevant, accurate, and aligned with your needs.

Provide Resources to Connect the Dots

We offer comprehensive resources to help you understand what these trends, patterns and behaviors might mean, enabling you to make the decision that’s right for your family or seek advice from a professional.

Look After Your Privacy

With us, your personal information remains confidential and protected at all times, upholding your privacy while still deriving valuable insights that you can act on. We are acutely aware of the sensitivity of the information we surface and vow never to overshare or sell your data, ensuring that your confidentiality is always maintained.

Empower Your Preferences

Prioritizing user needs, accessibility, and usability to ensure our AI systems are understandable, intuitive, inclusive, and beneficial for diverse user populations is of the utmost importance.

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