Digital Parenthood:

An Aura Initiative

Since 2020, global social media use surged by 20%, with kids aged 8-18 spending an average of 7.5 hours daily on screens (CDC). At the same time, two-thirds of parents think parenting is harder today than it was 20 years, citing the overuse of technology as the reason (

Aura is starting a national conversation around healthy online behaviors for families. As a leader in family online safety, Aura is investing in this Digital Parenthood initiative to open up that dialogue between children and parents.

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Raising a Connected Generation

Aura Digital Parenthood Summit

Aura’s Digital Parenthood Summit

To kickstart this national conversation, we’re hosting a one-day gathering of 300+ top advocates, scientists, public policy makers and leaders in the parent community. The Summit will feature critical discussions on parenting, technology, and public health. Session recordings will be made available on Aura’s YouTube channel in June for all to watch and learn from.

Watch the Parent Town Hall on NBC News Now

Real parents will have the opportunity to come together to discuss parenting, education and family well-being with experts and community leaders. Watch “Digital Parenting: Raising the AI Generation" Tuesday, June 4th at 9pm ET on NBC News NOW, which you can find for free on, Peacock, or wherever you stream. The special will also be available on demand next day on Peacock.

Community Icons

Join the Conversation and Get Help in Our Community

We’re creating a free community to equip families everywhere with the resources and support they need to feel empowered and confident in raising a connected generation. We’re your virtual parenting support group. Created just for you, by experts.

Mark your calendars for June 4 to sign up to read content from experts, ask questions, and engage with other like-minded parents, all in one place.

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Our Study on Raising a Connected Generation

We have done a great deal of research. Through looking at data of kids on our platform to conducting a survey in partnership with Gallup, we are investing time and resources into understanding how kids are utilizing technology and what tools parents need to help their kids grow up in a digital world. We’ll be releasing the research timed to the Digital Parenthood Summit on June 4th.

A Strong Network of Partners

We know our expertise in family online safety is only one side of the coin. We’re partnering with experts in various fields -  education, medical, child psychology, and more - to ensure the needs of families are fully met.

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