April 18, 2023

Why ESG is a key part of Aura’s growth strategy

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Aura Chief ESG Officer Ling-Ling Nie on why corporate social responsibility (CSR) and climate action matters for a pre-IPO unicorn.

Tell us about the 2022 Aura Cares Report. Why did Aura decide to publish this report?

As a leader in intelligent safety, Aura’s mission is making the internet safer for everyone. This report tells the story of our progress toward that goal and what’s next for Aura. We have a responsibility to create a positive impact on our industry, society and the planet - not just because it's nice to do, but because it supports a sustainable business that's here for many years to come.

What are the most important takeaways from the 2022 Aura Cares Report?

We’re especially proud of setting an official ESG governance structure and process that is designed to facilitate oversight and involvement at every level of our business – from the board to individual teams and managers. Businesses that have embedded ESG into their operations keep these priorities top-of-mind in all decision-making, helping to create a truly sustainable and responsible business.

With this structure in place, Aura was able to set lofty, but achievable environmental goals in our report, including our commitment to achieve carbon neutrality in 2023.

The report also highlights Aura’s tools, resources and newly introduced features that help families protect their digital lives, and also illustrates how our Aura Cares CSR platform has strengthened our support of those most vulnerable to cybercrime.

Why does Aura want to be carbon neutral? What impact does your business have on the environment?

We - like all business leaders - have a responsibility to leave the earth the same if not better than it is now and make meaningful efforts to reverse the impact of the climate crisis on our planet.

Even indirect emissions from cloud-based operations and the electricity powering our offices and devices impact the environment. It is important to us that as we protect families from online crime, we are also keeping the planet healthy for future generations.

What other ways is Aura creating a positive impact? At Aura and within its local community?

Aura has supported community engagement and team-lead philanthropic efforts in Boston, and as well as within the communities where our remote employees live and work. Our mission is to create a safer internet for everyone, and we work towards that through our technology and advocacy. Aura Cares, our CSR platform, supports this mission by collaborating to educate, empower, and engage groups most at-risk to online threats (children, older adults, survivors of domestic abuse and the military community), underrepresented individuals in our industry and innovators pioneering the future of digital safety and security.

How does diversity, equity and inclusion fit into Aura’s ESG goals and mission?

Building a truly safer internet for everyone demands consideration of those especially vulnerable in their online lives, a deep understanding of the varied digital experiences of people from all backgrounds, and an ability to adapt to better address those challenges and realities.

Who or what inspires you as a leader?

The privilege of leadership is the opportunity to transform the lives of others.  Helping to cultivate someone’s talent and passion and accelerate their journey towards their goals in life is at the core of impactful leadership, and I am inspired when I see someone who has flourished through that type of mentorship pay it forward to help others thrive as well.