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Is Roblox Safe for Kids? The Parental Safety Guide (2024)

While most in-game experiences on Roblox are tame, there have been cases where it inadvertently exposed kids to harmful content, including gambling.

While most in-game experiences on Roblox are tame, there have been cases where it inadvertently exposed kids to harmful content, including gambling.

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      Is Roblox Safe for Kids? Here’s What You Need To Know

      Roblox is one of the most popular games in the world, with 70.2 million average daily users as of November 2023 [*]. But is Roblox safe for kids? The unfortunate truth is: not always. 

      Roblox allows players to create their own experiences — which means that secreted within the popular gaming platform is also inappropriate adult content, cyberbullies, scammers, hackers, and online predators. 

      “Beamers” steal virtual items from other players while “condo” or “scented” games can force adult content onto unsuspecting Roblox players — including children.

      While the majority of gaming experiences on Roblox are safe for kids, there have been instances where it inadvertently exposed children to harmful content, including gambling [*, *].


      What Is Roblox? What Are the Risks of Letting Your Child Play?

      Roblox is an online multiplayer gaming platform on which users create their own avatars to play games and explore experiences created by others.

      The immersive virtual world combines user-generated gaming experiences, social media, and social commerce. 

      Gamers can create and play Roblox games on smartphones, PC, Xbox, and Mac devices and invite others to their game experiences— similar to Minecraft.

      This cross-platform availability helped Roblox become one of the most popular games among young people during the pandemic. Nearly 29 million users on Roblox are under the age of 13 [*].

      As user-generated content is such a massive part of the platform, Roblox thrives on the imagination of its players. 

      Many users build “experiences” within Roblox that contain adult content — including profane language, violence, and sexually explicit imagery. But these are not the only risks that Roblox poses to children and teens.

      • Cyberbullying. Over 90% of children have experienced or witnessed some form of bullying while playing video games [*]. The anonymous nature of Roblox (and all online games) makes it easy for gamers to abuse others. 
      • Online predators luring your child. Roblox includes text messaging and voice chat. This means that children could end up talking to strangers, who may lure them into private chats on other platforms. 
      • Inappropriate or adult content. Roblox players can create their own games. The notorious condo games (also known as “scented cons”) present a big concern for parents. These spaces often contain virtual strip clubs, naked characters, and users simulating sexually explicit experiences [*].
      • Games containing simulated violence. Creators are able to make games in which the goal is to attack other gamers. Players can kill and be killed, often with gratuitous violence, through the use of guns, knives, and gruesome fights.
      • Online scammers targeting children. Robux is the in-game currency that  players use to buy items and upgrades. You can buy Robux with real money or earn virtual currency while playing the game. But many fraudsters run phishing scams to steal Robux or real money from children. 
      • Account takeovers and hacking. There’s a community of people who “beam” other users — which means they could gain unauthorized access to your child’s account to steal valuable virtual items. These thieves sell the stolen assets on illicit marketplaces for USD or cryptocurrency [*].  
      • Malware and viruses. A recent scam specifically aimed at children involved malicious websites that promised free Robux [*]. These websites would ask children to download apps (which might contain malware) or share personal information, enabling criminals to compromise their accounts.
      • Financial fraud. If your children share their login credentials or get hacked, the perpetrator could steal their Robux. Worse still, the thief could exploit connected payment options, like your credit card.
      • Malware and other viruses. A 2023 Kaspersky report showed that Roblox was the second most-targeted game title [*]. A malware known as SpyNote, disguised as a mod for Roblox, was found to be capable of logging keystrokes, recording the screen and broadcasting video from phone cameras. 
      • Excessive gaming. Due to the impressionable ages of young children and teens, addiction is one of the most significant risks of online gaming. This fixation can result in children neglecting their hobbies, friendships, school, and even their overall well-being.

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      Does Roblox Have Age Limits? 

      Roblox includes age recommendations for all content on its platform. These categories are as follows [*]:

      • All ages: Content is suitable for everyone. These games on Roblox are deemed “safe” for kids, as they only include mild violence or small amounts of unrealistic blood.
      • 9+: Content is suitable for everyone aged nine and older. The games include more mild violence or heavy amounts of unrealistic blood.
      • 13+: Content is suitable for everyone aged 13 and older. The games include frequent instances of more serious violence and small amounts of realistic blood.
      • 17+: Content is suitable for players over the age of 17. In-game content may include strong violence and language, heavy realistic blood, and moderate crude humor.

      However, while Roblox has recommendations that suggest what age groups should play the games, it doesn’t automatically apply age verification checks to restrict children from accessing the content.

      As the platform centers around user-generated content, there’s no guarantee that everything your child sees during gameplay will be age-appropriate.

      Because of the inherent risks of this design, Pan European Game Information (PEGI) has upgraded Roblox’s rating from PEGI 7 to Parental Guidance Recommended in Europe [*].

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      The Parent’s Guide: 12 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe on Roblox

      1. Use Safe Gaming tools to monitor in-game conversations
      2. Set up a Parent PIN
      3. Enable Allowed Experiences
      4. Learn how to check what your kids are doing on Roblox
      5. Protect your child’s account
      6. Teach your kids not to give out personal information
      7. Monitor conversations over voice chat
      8. Show your kids how to report abuse
      9. Set time limits for mobile games
      10. Protect your devices with antivirus software
      11. Talk to your kids about what to do if they encounter adult content
      12. See how kids use the platform

      1. Use Safe Gaming tools to monitor in-game conversations

      Roblox has built-in features to block inappropriate content — but you can go further to keep your child safe. By reviewing your kids’ online conversations, you can ensure that they aren't talking with predators or getting bullied.

      How to monitor in-game conversations in Roblox:

      • Install Aura’s Safe Gaming features. You can get alerts to threats with 24/7 in-game voice and text monitoring for over 200 of the most popular PC games. 
      • Check your child’s chat history in Roblox. Currently, Aura allows you to monitor text chat to keep a check on new friendships and conversations. 
      • Talk with kids about online chat etiquette. If you spot anything concerning in your children's private messages and group chats, talk to them. You can teach them to spot grooming and encourage them to ask for help when needed.

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      2. Set up a Parent PIN

      Lock access to your child’s Roblox account settings by creating a four-digit PIN. Once enabled, there will be an additional layer of security to protect their account details — including your password, email address, and privacy settings.

      How to set up a parent PIN:

      • Log in to your account. If you have forgotten your password or can’t get access, follow Roblox’s guidance to recover your password.
      • Go to Account Settings. In the browser, select the gear icon located at the top-right corner. On mobile apps, the settings are in the three-dots menu.
      • Create your PIN. In the settings menu, select the Parental Controls tab, then toggle the button to turn on (and create) a PIN.

      3. Enable “Allowed Experiences” controls to block chat and other features

      Parents can configure Allowed Experiences in Roblox to manage the type of content their children can access. For example, you can add account restrictions on specific games, apps, and movies based on your children’s ages.

      How to set Allowed Experiences:

      • Open the settings in Roblox. Log in to your account and head to your Settings menu. You may have to enter your PIN at this point to change settings. 
      • Edit the Allowed Experiences. Select Parental Controls > Allowed Experiences. Then, you can select the highest level of experience that the chosen account can join. Once you confirm your choice, a green message will display stating, "Saved Successfully!"

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      4. Learn how to check what your kids are doing on Roblox

      Roblox filters the chat features to protect kids aged 12 and younger from inappropriate content and hides their personally identifiable information (PII) on the site.

      But gamers aged 13 and older can say or type more words and phrases in the chat feature. Regardless of their age, it's good to stay watchful about their game use.

      How to review your kids’ activities on Roblox:

      • View game history. Log in to the account to review your kids’ activities, including their Friends and Followers, virtual item purchases, and the experiences they play and create.
      • Block any users that harass your child. If you discover someone bullying or spamming your kid, it's best to block the perpetrator. Roblox's website provides instructions on how to block another user.

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      5. Protect your child’s account with a strong password and 2FA

      Young children don’t tend to create strong passwords — and many reuse them across multiple online accounts. Sometimes, they share their login information with friends.

      These practices can leave your family’s data and devices vulnerable to account takeovers and identity theft. But when you create strong, unique passwords and add two-factor authentication (2FA), it’s far more difficult for someone to take over an account.

      How to add a strong password and 2FA in Roblox:

      • Open the Change Password option in Account Settings. When logged in to your Roblox account, go to Account Settings > Account Info > Change Password. The icon looks like a pencil and paper.
      • Create a new password. Make sure to create a long, unique combination of upper and lower case characters, symbols, and letters. 
      • Enable 2FA. How you enable 2FA will vary depending on whether you want to use an authenticator app, email address, or security key. You can get setup instructions for all 2FA methods on Roblox’s help pages.

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      ⛑️ Protect your children from online threats, predators, and bullies. Aura’s family digital security solution includes parental controls and Safe Gaming features. Try Aura free for 14 days.

      6. Teach your kids not to give out personal information

      Every year, close to a million American children fall prey to child identity theft [*]. Fraudsters contact kids directly on Roblox through the private chats and dupe them into giving up sensitive information. You can help your child stay safe by educating them on the dangers.

      How to protect personal information on Roblox:

      • Set up the accounts yourself. As identity theft is not something that kids typically think about, it's best if you ensure that their privacy settings are secure before giving them access.
      • Connect Roblox accounts to your email. With this integration, you receive notifications about account activity — including messages, item trades, and any changes to the settings or password.
      • Select “Friends” on the contact settings. This setting will prevent strangers from sending messages to your kid’s account or making friend requests. You can even select “No one” to block all contact.

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      7. Monitor the voice chat feature

      Roblox has a proximity-based voice chat feature that mimics realistic communication during gameplay. But this spatial voice chat feature is something that parents must monitor to keep kids safe on Roblox.

      Simply by walking around the game, children could overhear obscene language or stumble into conversations with predators or bullies. The same goes for other chat services, such as Omegle.

      How to monitor voice chat in Roblox:

      • Review settings. As the account owner, you can limit or disable who can chat with your kids. You can also decide who can send messages to your children or invite them to private servers.
      • Insist on gaming in communal areas. Many kids — especially teenagers — will want to game in their room. You can monitor their voice chats by ensuring the console remains in the living room or kitchen.
      • Restrict headphone use. With a “no headphones on Roblox” rule, you’ll know if your child is exposed to unsavory conversations, abusive language, or racial slurs. 

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      8. Show your kids how to report inappropriate messages or abuse

      When “Sarah” began receiving sexually explicit messages from a 24-year-old Roblox user, she wasn't sure how to respond. Years passed before she fully grasped the impropriety of the user's behavior [*].

      With guidance and support from parents, children can be better prepared if they encounter abuse while playing Roblox. 

      How to report abuse in Roblox:

      • Show your children how to report inappropriate behavior. Under the description for each game, there is a link to “Report Abuse — which makes it easy to file a complaint for any specific game. You can find the link by tapping on the three-dots menu near the game title. You can also report individual players for abusive language by clicking on their gamer tags in the list of active users. 
      • Talk openly about inappropriate language. Make sure your kids know that you’re here to help if they experience language that makes them feel uncomfortable.

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      9. Set time limits for mobile games

      Like most popular games, Roblox is designed to keep people playing. But it’s essential to make sure your child has a balanced lifestyle that includes off-screen activities, as well.

      Excessive gaming can lead to disrupted sleep patterns, heightened anxiety, and mood fluctuations.

      How to set time limits in Roblox:

      • Create a family media plan with time limits and rules. It’s important to set expectations for online gaming activity in your home. For example, you could stipulate that if your kids complete their homework and chores, they can unlock an additional 30 minutes on Roblox. Conversely, breaking the rules will result in losing game time.
      • Encourage time away from the screen. You can help your children develop healthier lifestyles with regular screen breaks. Reward them with treats or encouragement when they spend time on other non-screen hobbies (like sports, art, and music).
      • Use parental controls. There are no built-in time limit settings in Roblox, but you can manage your child's screen time by using Aura parental controls.

      10. Protect your devices with antivirus software and a VPN

      A November 2022 report revealed that over 200,000 Roblox users had installed a corrupted Chrome browser extension — SearchBlox — in which hackers had built a backdoor allowing them to steal Roblox credentials and assets [*].

      Two more dangerous extensions with hidden backdoors were discovered in August 2023 and were later removed from the Chrome Web Store [*].

      How to use antivirus software and VPN on Roblox:

      • Install antivirus on all devices. With dedicated antivirus software, you can protect your devices against malware, spyware, and ransomware threats.
      • Run regular scans. Sometimes, suspicious programs can infiltrate your devices, especially if kids click on spam links in emails or private messages. A weekly scan and audit of all devices will help you find and isolate suspicious programs.
      • Use a VPN on every device. When they talk to strangers online, a VPN hides the IP address and location of any devices your children are using (i.e., their iPhones, tablets, or the family computer). This encryption helps keep your kids safe on Roblox.
      Shut down hackers. Aura's antivirus software, which is included in every Aura plan, provides real-time protection to scan every new file added to your device to ensure it’s completely safe from malware. Try Aura free for 14 days.

      11. Talk to your kids about what to do if they encounter adult content

      Despite your best efforts to shield your kids from inappropriate content, there's always a chance they might stumble across a condo game, or end up in conversations with adult users.

      Consider preparing your children for what to do when they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. 

      How to prepare your kids for dealing with adult content in Roblox:

      • Insist on gaming in a shared space. As per your family media plan, gaming should take place in a communal area, like the living room. This setup enables you to supervise the games they play (and be easily available to help with any problems).
      • Set a protocol. Other users may threaten your kids to stay quiet online. If you devise and role-play clear step-by-step systems with your kids, they will know what to do when such situations arise online.
      • Maintain an ongoing conversation about online safety. Rather than having a one-off chat, keep open lines of communication around adult content so that your kids feel comfortable talking with you about anything gaming-related.

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      12. Play with your kids to see how they use the platform

      Instead of simply laying down the law, enjoy playing Roblox with your children. Building a close-knit gaming culture in your family can reduce the chances of your children becoming isolated if they face online gaming risks.

      How to play Roblox with your kids:

      • Create an account. You can play at the same time with your kids, but it also helps to explore the game alone. As you get familiar with various aspects and potential risks, you can modify your media plan and privacy settings.
      • Watch your kids play Roblox. By sharing a genuine interest in their hobby, you can earn your children’s trust. Applaud any commendable actions they perform within the game, and encourage respectful behavior.
      • Model good behavior. As you encounter condo games, profanity, or suspicious chats while playing with your kids, you can show them how to handle the problem by offering a real-time demonstration.

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      The Bottom Line: Help Your Kids Stay Safe While Playing Online

      While Roblox is working hard to keep kids safe with filters and age restrictions, it’s not enough.

      Because older kids and adults also play the game, there's always a chance that children might come across inappropriate content or strangers.

      If your kids play Roblox, take action to safeguard them online. Ongoing conversations about gaming risks — and consistent monitoring of privacy settings and voice chats — are a good start. For added protection and peace of mind, consider Aura.

      With Aura, you get:

      • Family identity theft protection including alerts if someone steals your child's Social Security number (SSN) or exposes their (or your) personal information online. 
      • Parental controls and Safe Gaming features including chat monitoring, as well as real-time alerts and analytics about your child’s gaming activity. 
      • A VPN and antivirus software with military-grade encryption to protect your family against malware and hackers. 
      • Dark Web monitoring to detect and warn you if your child's personal information is circulating on the Dark Web.
      • Up to $5,000,000 in insurance coverage for eligible losses due to identity theft, such as stolen money, credit cards, and passports.
      • White Glove Fraud Resolution Specialists that provide U.S.-based 24/7 support to help you navigate conversations with banks, creditors, and government agencies and assist you with the process of recovering from fraud.
      Protect your family from online threats. Try Aura free for 14 days

      Editorial note: Our articles provide educational information for you to increase awareness about digital safety. Aura’s services may not provide the exact features we write about, nor may cover or protect against every type of crime, fraud, or threat discussed in our articles. Please review our Terms during enrollment or setup for more information. Remember that no one can prevent all identity theft or cybercrime.

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