Activate Your Aura Antivirus

Stop viruses in their tracks and start protecting your devices from threats and malware with your antivirus protection.

Available on 
PC • Mac • Android

Protect Your Digital Footprint From Multiple Threats


Eliminates attacks that encrypt your files or devices and hold them for ransom


Spots spyware before it can secretly gather personal info and share it with thieves


Stops advertisers from installing unwanted tracking software on your devices


Prevents hackers from installing worms that exploit weak spots in your network


Detects and blocks malicious files that masquerade as legitimate applications


Scans for camouflaging rootkits that give criminals remote access to your computer

Keep Your Devices Secure with Real-Time Malware Protection

Download a new file? Real-time protection* scans every new file added to your device to ensure it’s completely safe from malware.

Graphic representative of Aura's antivirus — alerts showing 3 resolved threats in the last 30 days, and no threats found

Get Threat Alerts & Quickly Isolate Dangerous Files

Get alerts when suspicious files are discovered and isolated. In just a few clicks, you can easily review, delete, or restore quarantined files.

Stay Private & Secure When You Go Online

Aura Antivirus includes a built-in VPN with military-grade encryption to keep your online activities hidden from hackers and cybercriminals.

Let's Secure Your Digital Life

Available on 
PC • Mac • Android

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