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Aura vs. IdentityForce: 2024 Showdown and Comparison

Aura and IdentityForce both offer "all-in-one" solutions to protect your identity — but there are specific differences in their features you should know.

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Aura’s app keeps you safe from scams, fraud, and identity theft. Try Aura for free.

4.7 stars as of March 2024

In this article:

    In this article:

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      Aura’s digital security app keeps your family safe from scams, fraud, and identity theft.

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      Is Aura or IdentityForce Better for Identity Theft Protection?

      Unlike many other crimes, every single American is a potential victim of identity theft. It doesn’t matter whether you’re  a child, adult, or senior citizen, if you have a mobile phone, bank account, or Social Security number (SSN) — your identity could be stolen. 

      Identity theft has become the fastest growing crime in America — which is why so many people are turning to identity theft protection services like Aura and IdentityForce.

      But which one is best for you? 

      While both Aura and IdentityForce offer similar features, there are a few critical differences in their features and protection plans that can help you decide which one to choose

      In this guide, we’ll compare the key features, pricing, plans, usability, similarities, and differences between Aura and IdentityForce. By the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which provider is right for you.


      What Is the Difference Between Aura and IdentityForce?

      Both Aura and IdentityForce offer features that provide all-in-one protection against cybercrime, fraud, and identity theft. For example, both services will monitor your personally identifiable information (PII) for signs of fraud, alert you if your passwords or sensitive data were leaked in a data breach, and monitor your credit file for changes. 

      However, there are critical differences between the level and service types that each product delivers.

      At a high level, the main differences between Aura and IdentityForce are that:

      • Aura provides better protection against hackers and online scammers, a more comprehensive family plan, in-house 24/7 support, and faster fraud alerts. 
      • IdentityForce offers social media monitoring and a credit score simulator.

      Here’s a more in-depth comparison of how Aura and IdentityForce differ on key features:

      Identity Monitoring
      Ranked #1 by, Forbes, Tech Radar,, and more.
      Highly-rated by TopTenReviews and ASecureLife.
      Credit monitoring & protection
      Three-bureau credit monitoring with the industry’s fastest fraud alerts, as well as:
      • Monthly credit scores
      • One-click Experian credit file lock
      • Real-time fraud alerts
      • Court records monitoring
      Three-bureau credit monitoring, including:
      • Monthly credit scores
      • Real-time fraud monitoring
      • Credit score simulator
      Online safety
      Full suite of digital security tools to protect you and your family against hacking and cybercrime, including:
      • Powerful antivirus software
      • A military-grade virtual private network (VPN)
      • Safe Browsing tools
      • Secure password manager
      • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered spam call and text blocker
      • Enhanced online privacy (ad and site tracking blocker)
      VPN, as well as anti-phishing and keylogging software for your PC.
      Family plan
      Covers five adults and unlimited kids. Family plan includes up to $5 million in identity theft insurance.
      Family plan only covers two adults. Children can be added to your plan for $2.75/month per child.
      Identity theft insurance
      Offers $1 million insurance policy against eligible losses due to identity theft per adult.
      Offers up to $1 million in insurance against lost wages, travel expenses, and some other costs per subscription plan.
      • $6 per month for an Individual plan (billed annually).
      • $11.49 per month for a Couple plan (billed annually).
      • $20 per month for a Family plan (billed annually).
      Note: You’ll need to use this exclusive discount link to access these special rates.
      • $19.90 per month or $199.90 per year for UltraSecure.
      • $34.90 per month or $349.90 per year for UltraSecure+Credit, which includes credit monitoring.
      Customer support
      24/7 White Glove Fraud Resolution Specialists provided by in-house experts.
      Managed identity theft services provided through partnership with Sontiq.
      4.7 stars on Trustpilot.
      4.5 stars on Trustpilot.
      Free trial
      14-day free trial, and 60-day money-back guarantee.
      Only available for some products.
      🥇 Don’t settle for second-best safety. Aura’s all-in-one intelligent safety app has received accolades and been rated #1 by Forbes,, and more. Try Aura free for 14 days and protect yourself and your family from online threats.

      Aura Overview: What’s Included and Pros & Cons

      Aura was founded in 2017 as a modern approach to identity theft protection. Since then, Aura has expanded its offerings to include the most up-to-date digital security features and financial account protection, the industry’s fastest fraud alerts, parental controls and family safety tools, and more. 

      While Aura is relatively new to the identity theft protection market, it’s already been rated #1 by Forbes,, TechRadar, and more.

      Aura is owned by the same company that owns Identity Guard, and shares many features with the ID theft protection service — most noticeably its $1 million insurance plan per adult for eligible losses due to identity theft (including coverage for stolen funds reimbursement, lost wages, lawyer fees, etc.).

      Here’s a breakdown of Aura’s main pros and cons: 

      Aura Pros
      Aura Cons
      Award-winning identity theft protection including SSN monitoring, Dark Web and data breach monitoring, public record searches, and more.
      Some competitors offer less comprehensive plans for a lower monthly price.
      Comprehensive digital security tools that proactively protect you against hackers and malware (AI–powered spam call blockers, VPN, Safe Browsing tools, antivirus software, password manager, and more).
      Some features aren’t currently available on all devices and platforms.
      Three-bureau credit monitoring comes standard on all plans with fraud alerts that are up to 250x faster than other services3.
      VPN and password management tools aren’t as full-featured as some competing options.
      24/7 support from U.S.-based White Glove Fraud Resolution Specialists plus up to $5 million in identity theft insurance.
      Same feature-set across all plans, meaning you may end up paying for features you don’t necessarily use.
      Comprehensive family plan that includes parental controls, Safe Gaming tools to prevent cyberbullying, and child identity theft protection.
      14-day free trial with a 60-day money-back guarantee on annual plans.

      The bottom line: Aura provides more features, stronger protection, faster fraud alerts, and more ways to keep you safe. Try Aura free for 14 days and secure your entire family against online threats.

      What are real customers saying about Aura?

      Here are some excerpts from reviews submitted by real customers on Trustpilot, a third-party review site:

      • Aura saved me after a data breach: Today I found out that my data had been breached – DOB, SSN, the whole nine yards. I contacted Aura’s White Glove support team and in less than an hour we had all my credit alert history verified, locked down, and extra steps in place with their team to monitor my action and activity for the next 90 days. 
      • The White Glove Department is the best! Your White Glove department agent was very helpful. She showed me how to lock my credit reports, issue fraud reports to my credit bureaus and even helped me close a bank account that was fraudulently opened in my name. 
      • Better than the alternatives: I have been using both LifeLock and Aura to see which one I like best. I get faster responses (sometimes minutes) from Aura on new items concerning my security. I am very satisfied with Aura.

      How much does Aura cost?

      Aura’s pricing plans are transparent and straightforward. Simply choose how many people you want to protect, and you’ll have access to essentially all of the same features. Also, Aura’s prices won’t increase after your first year (unlike many other services, such as LifeLock with Norton 360). 

      🎯 Save up to 75% off of your Aura plan when you use this special discount link.

      Here are Aura’s protection plans and pricing (using the discount link above) as of March 2024: 

      • Individual Plan: $6/month
      • Couple Plan (full coverage for two adults): $11.49/month
      • Family Plan (up to five adults and unlimited children): $20 month

      Note: Aura’s family plan also includes family-specific safety features, such as child identity theft protection, parental controls, and up to $5 million in identity theft insurance. 

      What’s included in Aura’s free 14-day trial?

      You can try Aura free for 14 days and get access to nearly all of the same features you would get as a subscriber. 

      Here’s what you can do when you sign up for Aura’s 14-day trial: 

      • Scan the Dark Web for your most sensitive data. Aura can scan for your passwords, SSN, financial details, and more across recent data breaches and known hacker forums.
      • Check your credit score and reports from all three major credit bureaus. Get a clear picture of your credit situation, and check for warning signs of identity fraud. You can also instantly lock and unlock your Experian credit file directly from the Aura app. 
      • Monitor public records for your Social Security number (SSN), name, and other personal information. Find out if criminals have used your identity to commit crimes, gain employment, or file fraudulent tax returns. 
      • Remove your contact information from data brokers’ systems. Aura will automatically scan data broker lists for your personal information and request that brokers remove it on your behalf. 
      • Do a full antivirus scan of all of your devices. Aura protects your computer, phone, and tablet from malware. Scan all of your devices to make sure hackers haven’t gained access to them. 
      • Get help from Aura’s White Glove Fraud Resolution Specialists. U.S.-based support agents are available 24/7 to answer questions, walk you through your credit report, help you initiate a credit freeze, and more. 

      In just two weeks, you could vastly increase your digital security and ensure that you haven’t become the victim of identity theft — even without becoming a paid Aura subscriber.

      💪 Want to try Aura for yourself? Start your free 14-day Aura trial today, and see if it’s right for you.

      IdentityForce Overview: What’s included and Pros & Cons

      IdentityForce claims to have been protecting customers against identity theft and fraud for more than four decades, tracing its origins back to a company founded in 1978. 

      More recently, IdentityForce was acquired by TransUnion — one of the three major credit bureaus (along with Experian and Equifax). This collaboration gives IdentityForce a strong case for its credit plans, which can monitor your monthly and annual credit reports across all three bureaus (the same as Aura). 

      Here’s a more in-depth look at IdentityForce’s pros and cons: 

      IdentityForce Pros
      IdentityForce Cons
      Full-featured identity theft protection, including VPN and online security tools.
      Price is higher than many competing services — especially for comprehensive protection.
      Provides a $1 million insurance policy against losses due to identity theft – per subscription (not per user).
      Family plan only covers two adults, and charges extra to add children.
      Includes useful credit tracking and simulation tools for improving your score.
      Digital protection tools only work for PCs, not for mobile Android and iOS devices. Limited features, as well.
      Monitors social media accounts for signs of fraud.
      No money-back guarantee.
      Fraud insurance coverage amount varies, depending on membership tier.

      Who should choose IdentityForce?

      IdentityForce provides high-quality identity theft protection services to customers who want to track and rate their credit performance over time. Its features make it well-suited for individuals and couples who want to improve their credit.

      You should choose IdentityForce if:

      • You don’t need to cover more than two adults. The IdentityForce family plan only covers two adults, while Aura protects up to five – even if they are living in different households (such as grown children and grandparents).
      • You want access to credit simulation tools. These are separate from the identity theft protection features that IdentityForce offers. You can use these tools to help understand how certain choices will impact your credit score.
      • You only want to protect your PC. IdentityForce offers a suite of digital security protection services for PCs, but not for mobile devices.

      How much does IdentityForce cost?

      IdentityForce offers two tiers of plans depending on whether or not you want credit monitoring and credit simulator tools. You can also choose between an individual or family plan (two adults — children are extra). However, you’ll need to call one of the company’s sales representatives to discuss family plans.

      Here are IdentityForce’s plans and pricing as of March 2024:

      • UltraSecure: $19.90/month (individual) or $24.90/month (family)
      • UltraSecure+Credit: $34.90/month (individual) or $39.90/month (family)

      IdentityForce offers a 30-day free trial of its basic plan, but doesn’t provide a money-back guarantee for subscribers.

      Is IdentityForce worth it?

      IdentityForce offers decent protection against some types of fraud, but its services aren’t comprehensive enough to prevent sophisticated hacks and scams. The company doesn’t have the best family protection policy, and neglects to secure customers’ mobile devices properly. For many people, these drawbacks mean that IdentityForce isn’t worth it.

      💡Related: Aura vs. LifeLock (2024 Comparison)

      How To Choose Between Aura and IdentityForce

      Both Aura and IdentityForce provide you with tools that make you a less vulnerable target for cybercriminals and fraudsters – but with varying degrees of success. 

      Here are some direct comparisons of the features and benefits offered by each service:

      Comprehensive monitoring services (credit and account monitoring)

      While both Aura and IdentityForce offer comprehensive account and identity monitoring services, they differ in how much of your personal information they track and the number of locations they monitor. 

      Here’s a breakdown of how both providers compare on their monitoring features:

      Identity monitoring includes:
      • Data breach notifications
      • Dark Web monitoring
      • PII monitoring — including SSN, medical ID, and more
      • Social media monitoring
      • Home title monitoring
      • Criminal and sex offender list monitoring
      • USPS address change monitoring
      Identity monitoring includes:
      • Email address monitoring
      • Sex offender list monitoring
      • Dark Web monitoring
      • Smart SSN Tracker alerts
      • Social media monitoring
      • Medical ID monitoring
      • Payday loan monitoring
      Watchlist can include:
      • SSN and other personal information
      • Credit card numbers
      • Driver’s licenses
      • Email addresses
      • Phone numbers
      • Account passwords
      • Birth certificate and passport numbers
      • And more
      IdentityForce watchlist data isn’t publicly available.
      Credit monitoring includes:
      • Three-bureau credit monitoring
      • Checking, savings, and investment accounts
      • One-click credit lock for your Experian credit file
      Credit monitoring includes:
      • Three-bureau credit monitoring
      • Credit score simulator
      • Credit score tracker
      ✅ Our choice: Aura

      Simply put, Aura offers more robust identity monitoring and protection. With Aura, you can track more sensitive information and get more comprehensive alerts if your data has been leaked or is being used by scammers. 

      While IdentityForce offers slightly more credit tools (score tracker and simulator), these tools won’t matter when it comes to protecting you and your family against identity theft and fraud. 

      Digital security tools for proactive protection against hackers

      The best way to prevent identity theft is to shield your personal data and devices from being compromised. Both Aura and IdentityForce offer proactive protection through a variety of digital security tools. 

      Here’s what you can expect to get with each platform:

      Safe Browsing tools warn you if you’re clicking on a malicious link, or block you from entering a potentially dangerous website.
      Online protection tools include anti-keylogging and anti-phishing software, but may not work for mobile devices.
      Secure password manager makes it easy to store multiple strong passwords.
      Password manager stores strong passwords in a single app.
      Mobile and Desktop VPN encrypts your data so advertisers and hackers can’t track you online.
      Secure network VPN encrypts your data against online tracking.
      AI-powered Call Assistant screens and blocks spam or scam calls and text messages.
      Data broker removal services automatically scan databases for your contact information and request its removal on your behalf.
      ✅ Our choice: Aura

      Aura is an industry leader when it comes to digital security — offering AI-powered tools to safeguard your data and devices from hackers and cybercriminals. While IdentityForce provides a VPN and anti-keylogging tools, it falls behind on comprehensive digital security. 

      Fast and reliable alerts

      Both Aura and IdentityForce alert customers about suspicious activity on their accounts, identity, or finances. However, the two providers don’t monitor the same accounts and services, and they don’t trigger alerts with the same speed:

      Near real-time data breach notifications, Dark Web alerts, and SSN usage on public records and court documents.
      Near real-time alerts for data breaches, Dark Web monitoring, and SSN tracking.
      The industry’s fastest financial alerts — up to 250x faster than competitors3 — including credit inquiries and credit account changes.
      Near real-time alerts for bank and credit transactions and investment account activity.
      Detailed alerts when account ID verification and account takeover protections are triggered on your accounts.
      Near real-time alerts when lenders make inquiries into your credit report. Monthly credit score tracking.
      ✅ Our choice: Tie (Aura)

      Both Aura and IdentityForce offer near real-time alerts to users for account monitoring — however, Aura’s proven faster and more reliable credit fraud detection gives it a slight edge. 

      Identity restoration support and coverage

      No one wants to deal with the consequences of identity theft or fraud alone. Both Aura and IdentityForce offer 24/7 support if you become a victim — with varying levels of success. 

      Here’s how the two services compare:

      • Aura: In-house Fraud Resolution Specialists. Aura employs an in-house team of U.S.-based Fraud Resolution Specialists who are available around the clock. This means you’ll get a dedicated account manager if you ever need help. 
      • IdentityForce: Identity restoration from Sontiq. IdentityForce offers 24/7 support, but only through a third-party service (also owned by TransUnion). 
      ✅ Our choice: Tie

      Both companies offer 24/7 fraud protection resources from security experts and have mostly positive reviews from customers. However, Aura’s in-house team could potentially provide a more streamlined experience.

      Ease of use

      Both Aura and IdentifyForce offer mobile and desktop apps to access their features and support team. It’s important that these apps are intuitive and easy to use. When you get a warning that someone stole your Social Security number to open a credit account, every second counts. 

      With Aura, you get an easy-to-use dashboard that clearly displays all of your alerts and most important features — available on all platforms including iOS, Android, PC, and MacOS. You can also quickly reach out to support, instantly lock or unlock your Experian credit file, and enable your VPN from the app. 

      IdentityForce’s mobile apps don’t include all of the same features as its web app — meaning you’ll have to use both to get detailed information. This can slow you down or potentially cause you to miss out on important information and alerts about your account. 

      ✅ Our choice: Aura

      We live in a mobile-first world, and protecting mobile devices against scammers is too important to overlook. By putting more emphasis on PCs and Mac computers, IdentityForce may increase the amount of time it takes users to respond to threats when they are detected. This earns Aura a slim but significant lead in the ease of use category.

      Insurance coverage

      Even the best identity theft protection service can’t guarantee you’ll never be a victim of cybercrime. Part of the value these services provide is assistance recovering from the lost time and financial and impact of becoming a victim. 

      Both Aura and IdentityForce offer $1 million insurance policies against eligible losses caused by identity theft. Coverage can include lost wages, stolen funds, time spent resolving complex bureaucratic issues, and even travel or childcare costs. 

      The main difference between Aura and IdentityForce is that Aura covers every subscription plan member individually. For a five-adult family plan, this means you get up to $5 million in insurance coverage to protect the entire group. 

      By comparison, IdentityForce protects each subscription with up to $1 million in insurance coverage. That means two adults only get $500,000 in coverage each if they are both targeted by identity thieves.

      ✅ Our choice: Aura

      Aura’s more inclusive policy makes it a clear winner — especially for families that need to protect multiple people. However, if you’re looking for a service solely for your own use as an individual, there is no practical difference between the two.

      Cost and pricing structure

      IdentityForce charges more for its services than Aura does – especially since significantly raising the price of its UltraSecure+Credit plan in early 2024. For families specifically, Aura’s family plan covers five adults and unlimited children, while IdentityForce only covers two adults, and charges an additional fee for every child added to the plan.

      ✅ Our choice: Aura

      Aura wins this category due to its lower cost and more convenient pricing structure. While some customers may appreciate the ability to buy lower-tier protection from IdentityForce, Aura’s approach makes more sense and scales better for people who also want to protect their family members from identity theft.

      🏆 Save on Aura’s award-winning protection. Get up to 75% off Aura when you sign up today. All annual plans include a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure you’re making the right decision.

      Our Final Recommendation: Choose Aura for Peace of Mind

      According to the latest data from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Americans lost over $10 billion to identity theft and fraud last year alone [*].

      Becoming the victim of identity theft can change your life. As scammers improve their techniques and come up with new ways to steal from innocent people, safeguarding your private data is becoming more crucial. 

      Aura and IdentityForce are two high-quality companies offering identity theft protection services, but Aura’s award-winning combination of mobile-friendly digital security tools, family-oriented pricing structure, and superior per-member insurance coverage makes it a better deal for most customers. 

      Get award-winning protection against online threats. Try Aura free for 14 days.
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      Award-winning identity theft protection with AI-powered digital security tools, 24/7 White Glove support, and more. Try Aura for free.

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