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Is myFICO Legit? What You Need To Know Before Buying

myFICO is one of the only credit monitoring services that provides FICO® scores — but its limited features could leave you vulnerable to fraud and scams.

myFICO is one of the only credit monitoring services that provides FICO® scores — but its limited features could leave you vulnerable to fraud and scams.

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    In this article:

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      Aura’s digital security app keeps your family safe from scams, fraud, and identity theft.

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      Is myFICO a Good Option for Credit and Identity Protection? 

      myFICO is a legitimate subscription credit monitoring service that helps Americans track their FICO® credit scores from the three major credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — and provides limited identity monitoring, insurance, and restoration services. 

      But while proactively keeping tabs on your credit score is a smart way to guard against fraud and can help you build good financial habits, myFICO’s plans are expensive and somewhat limited in comparison to other options

      If you’re considering myFICO for credit and identity monitoring, you need to know the risks, benefits, and costs associated with becoming a member. 


      myFICO Review: What Is It and How Does It Keep You Safe?

      a screenshot of myFICO’s website showing three different plan options and pricing

      The Fair Isaac Corporation, better known as FICO, was founded by Bill Fair and Earl Isaac in 1956. The company’s algorithms pull in consumer credit information to provide an accurate picture of your creditworthiness to credit card issuers and other lenders. 

      According to myFICO, the top 90 U.S. lenders use FICO® scores to assess risk [*] with FICO Score 8 being the most widely used version of the company’s consumer credit rating model.

      However, it’s important to note that there isn’t a single source of truth when it comes to credit scores. 

      There are even different FICO scores for specific industries, such as the FICO Auto Score and the FICO Bankcard Score [*]. This is in addition to other popular credit scoring models, such as VantageScore®.

      The main benefit of using myFICO is that it’s a one-stop shop that shows your scores and reports from all three bureaus. Also, as the official consumer division of FICO, myFICO uses the industry standard credit scores, which are the most accurate way of tracking your current credit status.

      However, where myFICO falls short is with its expensive identity and fraud protection plans. 

      At $29.95/month, myFICO is more expensive than top-tier plans offered by Aura and Identity Guard. And unlike other identity theft protection services, myFICO provides only limited identity monitoring — and no digital security tools (such as antivirus protection or a password manager). 

      Another huge downside is that myFICO only sends updates every three months rather than monthly. 

      Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of myFICO:

      myFICO pros
      myFICO cons
      Basic plan provides free FICO® scores from the company that invented the system.
      More expensive than more robust credit monitoring and identity theft protection services.
      Offers three-bureau credit monitoring.
      Credit scores and reports are only updated every three months on the Advanced plan.
      Includes $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage (paid plans only).
      No digital security or protection against online scams.
      Offers identity monitoring and 24/7 identity restoration support (paid plans only).
      Limited information is available on identity monitoring services.

      Now, let’s take a closer look at the main features you get with a myFICO subscription:

      FICO score tracking

      UX mockup of myFICO’s three-bureau credit score tracking showing a score of 760

      The main selling point of myFICO is that it provides you with the same credit scoring system that is supposedly used by 90% of top lenders [*]. This statistic is furnished by myFICO itself, which makes its accuracy difficult to verify. 

      Your FICO® Score is based on your credit history — including your track record of on-time payments, how long you’ve had credit, and how much of your available credit you’re using. 

      If you know your FICO® credit scores and work to improve them, there’s a good chance you can secure a line of credit with top financial lenders. 

      Here’s how myFICO protects you:

      • Regular FICO® score updates. You'll get updated on your FICO® score from all three credit bureaus every three months (Advanced plan) or monthly (Premier plan).
      • Separate scores for mortgages and car loans. Whether buying a home, a car, or securing a business loan, your creditworthiness is a significant factor. myFICO helps you understand the steps needed to achieve these goals.

      What you need to know: Most credit monitoring and identity theft protection services provide credit scores by using the VantageScore® model — a slightly different method. Both systems are best used to guide your credit decisions rather than be regarded as a source of truth, as many lenders use their own models for assessing your credit score. 

      Three-bureau credit monitoring 

      Three-bureau credit monitoring offers one of the only ways to receive alerts quickly about the many possible dangers impacting your credit score and reports — from missed payments and incorrect information to fraudulent accounts, loans, and lines of credit that scammers have opened in your name. 

      Here’s how myFICO protects you:

      • Three-bureau monitoring. myFICO enables users to compare their FICO® scores and credit reports from all three bureaus, side-by-side. You can quickly spot errors, note score differences, and get a complete view of your credit standing.
      • Credit score and fraud alerts. You can easily track your financial health through notifications about any changes to your credit score, or warnings about suspicious activity. For example, if you choose a plan that includes identity monitoring, you’ll get an alert if someone tries to change your address and contact information, or attempts to open a new bank account under your name.

      What you need to know: The basic myFICO plan is helpful if you want free credit monitoring; but remember, it's only tracking one bureau. True FICO® scores are based on verified information from all three bureaus. If you want to track your scores at all three reporting agencies, you must pay more for myFICO’s Premium plan.

      Identity monitoring

      myFICO scans Dark Web and internet forums for your personally identifiable information (PII) and alerts you if it's been leaked. The service can also search certain public records for new names or addresses tied to your Social Security number (SSN) — a common warning sign of identity theft.  

      Here’s how myFICO protects you:

      • Fraud alerts. On the advanced plan, the myFICO app monitors thousands of websites for personal identity fraud and other credit issues. You'll get alerts about potential risks to your PII, such as your SSN or driver’s license number.
      • Intuitive user interface. While some may dismiss this feature, having a clean and clear dashboard that is easy to navigate can make all the difference when you need to respond quickly to signs of identity theft.

      What you need to know: While myFICO sends alerts, many people have complained about a lack of information. Several Reddit users confirmed that the app notified them about a change in score but didn't explain anything else to help [*]. 

      24/7 identity restoration support

      Many people sign up for identity theft protection solely for support access in the event that they become victims. myFICO offers 24/7 support to help you restore your identity or deal with a lost or stolen wallet. 

      Here’s how myFICO protects you:

      • 24/7 full-service identity restoration. myFICO has a team of U.S.-based certified resolution specialists available around the clock to help you. This can include helping you fill out an identity theft affidavit, exercising limited power of attorney, and acting on your behalf with creditors, government agencies, and credit bureaus.
      • Lost wallet protection. This feature provides coverage for lost or stolen documents, including credit cards, passports, driver’s licenses, military ID cards, traveler’s checks, and more.

      What you need to know: Several users have vented frustrations about the level of customer support offered by myFICO. If you become the victim of identity theft, poor customer support will only add to the stress [*]. 


      Up to $1 million in identity theft insurance

      If fraudsters rack up debts in your name, you may need to fight legal battles to clear your name and possibly pay debts that aren’t yours. When disaster strikes, identity theft insurance can rescue you from financial ruin. 

      Here’s how myFICO protects you:

      • Recover from identity theft. All three myFICO plans offer up to $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance. This policy covers expenses that occur when your identity is compromised as a result of data breaches, fraud, theft, forgery, and stolen identity documents — as long as you follow the guidelines in myFICO’s summary of benefits [*].
      • Replace lost wages and documents. Whereas many other ID protection services only cover wages up to about $7,500, myFICO promises to cover lost wages with no limit. Also, you can get assistance with obtaining new documents, such as a passport or driver’s license.

      What you need to know: If you only need coverage for yourself, myFICO may be a good choice because the insurance offered is for one individual. But if you want to protect your partner, children, or grandparents, myFICO can’t help. 

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      How Much Does myFICO Cost? Which Plan Is Best?

      myFICO offers a free plan with access to your FICO scores from a single bureau (Equifax) and basic credit monitoring. However, this option isn't useful for anyone looking to improve their credit or get robust protection against fraud. 

      The paid plans start at $29.95/month for the Advanced plan. While these offer more protection and insights, they come at a higher price point than many of the best identity theft protection services out there (including ones that provide more features and protection).

      Here’s a quick overview of myFICO’s subscriber plans:

      Key features
      myFICO Free
      • FICO® Scores from Equifax
      • Credit reports
      • Score and credit monitoring
      myFICO Advanced
      • Three-bureau credit monitoring
      • FICO® scores for mortgages, auto loans, and more
      • 24/7 identity restoration
      • Identity monitoring
      • $1 million identity theft insurance
      myFICO Premier
      All features from the Advanced plan, plus:
      • Receive and access your initial three reports and scores immediately
      • Credit updates available every month
      🥇 Identity theft and credit protection don't have to be complicated or costly! Aura’s all-in-one intelligent safety app provides stronger protection, faster alerts, and better value. Try Aura free for 14 days and see why it’s been rated #1 by Forbes,, and more.

      Who Can Benefit the Most From Using myFICO?

      Compared to other identity theft protection services, myFICO is an excellent choice for getting accurate updates on your credit scores. 

      Here are three scenarios in which it would be a good fit:

      • You want access to your FICO® credit scores. myFICO is one of the only providers that gives you access to your FICO score (or at least one of the 28 varieties of FICO scores used by lenders). This may give you a more accurate picture of how lenders see your credit. 
      • You’re looking to make a major purchase in the near future. With myFICO, you get a full picture of your credit standing. This service is most valuable for people who want to build good credit before a huge financial investment, like buying a house or refinancing a major loan. 
      • You already have a digital security provider. The steady rise in identity theft and credit fraud makes it more critical than ever to know what's going on in your credit files. If you have other tools protecting you from identity fraud, phishing, and malware, myFICO could be a good service to add to your existing credit monitoring system.

      What Are the Downsides of Using myFICO?

      For all its merits as a credit monitoring tool, myFICO has some major shortcomings that you should know about. 

      Customer reviews specifically highlight recurring complaints about the following issues:

      • Users report that credit warnings are late or don’t show up. If there is suspicious activity on your credit report, you need to know immediately in order to stop scammers in their tracks. Some myFICO users found the company was late to notify them about these issues [*]. 
      • More expensive than most credit monitoring options. If you just want to monitor your credit score without any additional security features, you can do this for free. All Americans are entitled to one free report from each bureau every week, which you can get from
      • No free trial, and a painful refund process. As myFICO doesn't offer trial periods, you can't test the service before paying. Also, your subscription will automatically renew every month unless you decide to cancel.
      • Very limited identity theft protection. In 2024, identity thieves can strike in innumerable ways. Without comprehensive protection, you and your family could be at risk. 
      • No digital security tools or proactive protection against hacking and data breaches. When you sign up for myFICO, you won’t get any digital security tools such as antivirus protection, a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or parental controls to protect your kids’ devices from threats such as inappropriate content and child identity theft.

      The bottom line: myFICO provides access to your FICO® scores along with three-bureau credit monitoring but is expensive and has a history of late credit notifications — meaning you could be left in the dark if scammers are using your identity to take out loans or open new accounts in your name. 

      Why You Should Consider Aura as a myFICO Alternative

      As the consumer division of FICO — the originator of the credit score — myFICO is a worthy contender when shopping for a credit monitoring tool. But in 2024, there are myFICO alternatives that offer similar or better protection without the downsides. 

      While Aura is a relatively new player, it’s already been rated #1 rating by, TechRadar,, and others for its modern take on identity protection. 

      When it comes to credit scores and monitoring, the main difference between Aura and myFICO is that Aura uses the VantageScore® model for credit scores. 

      Over 3,000 banks, fintechs, and other lenders use this alternative credit scoring system to assess creditworthiness. One advantage of VantageScore® is that it provides a more inclusive credit evaluation, which may help if you have a poor or limited credit history. 

      Let’s take a quick look at how Aura and myFICO compare:

      Starts at $29.95/month.
      Starts at $6/month for a fully-featured individual plan.
      Offers three-bureau credit monitoring, reports, and scores — updated either every three months or monthly.
      Three-bureau credit monitoring and financial transaction alerts are standard on all plans.
      Provides FICO® credit scores.
      Provides VantageScore® credit scores.
      Limited identity theft protection.
      Comprehensive identity monitoring is provided across the Dark Web, data breaches, public records, and more.
      No device or personal data protection.
      Comprehensive built-in digital security for 10 devices (50 devices on family plans) — including antivirus, VPN, Safe Browsing tools, AI-powered spam call protection, and more.
      No family safety or child protection features are offered.
      Award-winning parental controls and family safety features cover five adults and unlimited children.
      1-star rating on Consumer Affairs
      4.7 stars on Trustpilot

      Rated #1 by, Forbes, TechRadar,, and more.
      No free trial for paid plans.
      14-day free trial and 60-day money-back guarantee.

      When you compare Aura with myFICO, it’s easy to see why Aura is the better option:

      • Faster fraud alerts. Aura monitors your credit and financial accounts, and alerts you to credit and identity fraud or suspicious activity faster than any other service. According to a 2022 mystery shopper survey, Aura provided the fastest credit fraud alerts3.
      • AI-powered digital security features. Aura’s optional Call Assistant uses artificial intelligence (AI) to screen incoming calls and texts for scams, ensuring that you only receive legitimate calls.
      • Better support (that’s available when you need it). Aura offers 24/7 support from a dedicated team of U.S.-based White Glove Fraud Resolution Specialists, so you can always get help with any questions and receive round-the-clock support to help recover from the impact of fraud.
      • More comprehensive identity protection and insurance coverage. Each adult is covered for up to $1 million, with a total of up to $5 million in coverage on family plans. 
      • Better value for more features. You get simple, transparent pricing — with no unexpected price hikes after your first year.
      💪 Try Aura for yourself — for free. Get access to your credit scores, credit monitoring, and award-winning identity and fraud protection with a free 14-day Aura trial.

      How to cancel your myFICO plan

      On its site, myFICO claims you can cancel your subscription anytime. 

      Here’s how to cancel your myFICO plan:

      • You can cancel by logging in to the website and going to the My Subscriptions page. Alternatively, go to More > Subscription on the iOS or Android mobile app. 
      • You can also call the customer support team at 1-800-319-4433 (Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., PT or Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., PT).

      You should be aware that if you do not cancel your subscription before your current subscription period ends, it will automatically renew at the updated price. 

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      The Bottom Line: myFICO Won’t Keep Your Identity Safe

      While myFICO is a legitimate service, it offers limited protection against identity theft and fraud. Without digital security tools to combat the threat of identity theft, myFICO is not the robust option you need in 2024.

      Aura offers a more modern approach to identity theft protection, with advanced digital security tools, three-bureau credit monitoring with the industry's fastest and most reliable fraud alerts, and comprehensive identity monitoring. 

      Even if disaster strikes, Aura has your back with up to $5 million in identity theft insurance and 24/7 U.S.-based Fraud Resolution support. 

      Get award-winning protection against fraud and scams. Try Aura free for 14 days.

      Editorial note: Our articles provide educational information for you to increase awareness about digital safety. Aura’s services may not provide the exact features we write about, nor may cover or protect against every type of crime, fraud, or threat discussed in our articles. Please review our Terms during enrollment or setup for more information. Remember that no one can prevent all identity theft or cybercrime.

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