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Discover Identity Theft Protection Review: Is It Worth It?

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Jory MacKay

Aura Cybersecurity Editor

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    Identity theft and fraud protection for your finances, personal info, and devices.

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    Should You Get Discover Identity Theft Protection?

    Americans lost $56 billion to identity theft and fraud-related crimes last year alone [*]. And that number shows no signs of slowing down.

    Protecting your identity and financial well-being is probably one of your highest priorities. And if you’re a Discover® cardmember, you may be considering — or already signed up for — Discover’s Identity Theft Protection service.

    But is Discover Identity Theft Protection worth it? It depends.

    In this guide, we’ll review what’s included in Discover’s identity theft protection, how it compares to other top-rated services, and how you can make an informed decision about the coverage, protection, and features that are right for you.

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    Discover Identity Theft Protection Review: What’s Included and Pros & Cons

    Discover Identity Theft Protection is a paid service launched in 2021 that provides identity monitoring, insurance, and fraud remediation assistance to Discover card holders.

    At a high level, Discover® Identity Theft Protection includes:

    • Credit, bank account, and identity monitoring. Discover offers three-bureau credit monitoring, new bank account, credit limit, and utilization alerts, and basic monitoring of your personal information across the Dark Web, criminal records, and more.
    • Identity theft insurance. Discover provides the industry-standard of up to $1,000,000 in insurance coverage for eligible losses due to identity theft. This can include legal expenses, reimbursement of stolen funds, lost wages, and other expenses.
    • Fraud remediation assistance. If the worst should happen, Discover will assign a case number and a U.S.-based fraud specialist to help you resolve the fraudulent activity. Phone support is only available 7:00 am to 9:00 pm CT Monday through Saturday, and 8:00 am to 8:00 pm CT Sunday.
    • Child identity theft protection. Discover also includes protection for up to 10 children on each account. This includes Dark Web alerts to monitor for your child’s leaked Social Security number (SSN), Experian alerts if someone is trying to open credit accounts in your child’s name, and coverage from its identity theft insurance and remediation services.

    Additionally, every Discover card is protected by additional security measures, such as daily scans of your Experian credit file — to alert you to suspicious activity, such as new credit accounts, changes to your credit history, or unfamiliar new credit inquiries — as well as regular Dark Web scans to search data breaches and hacker forums for sensitive information, such as your SSN.

    Discover card members can also check their FICO credit score whenever they want from their online account — giving you a quick warning signal if scammers are trying to damage your credit.

    While it offers a decent level of protection, Discover is lacking in a few key areas that could leave you vulnerable to identity theft and fraud.

    Here are the main benefits and downsides of using Discover Identity Theft Protection:

    3-bureau credit monitoring comes standard. Discover monitors all three credit bureaus — Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion — and alerts you to changes on your credit file. However, you’ll only receive a single Experian credit report when you enroll.
    Limited monitoring. Discover monitors a limited amount of personal information compared to other services. For example, it doesn’t include home title or social media account monitoring.
    Children are included with each plan. Each plan includes limited monitoring and coverage for up to 10 children.
    No proactive protection. Unlike many other services, Discover doesn’t include a credit lock or digital security tools to protect you against hacking, scams, and data leaks.
    U.S.-based Fraud Resolution Specialists. If the worst should happen, you’ll get support from a team of U.S.-based support specialists. Unfortunately, Discover doesn’t offer 24/7 support like other services.
    More expensive than some options. At $15/month per user, Discover is slightly more expensive than other identity theft protection services.
    No public data on alert speed or reliability. Discover doesn’t have any publicly-available information about how fast or reliable its alerts are.
    Must be a Discover customer to enroll. Discover Identity Theft Protection is only available to current and new customers.

    Discover Identity Theft Protection’s biggest downfall is that it doesn’t provide all-in-one protection. Instead of helping to protect your data and identity, Discover focuses almost exclusively on monitoring, alerts, and remediation.

    🔎 Looking for stronger protection for you and your family? Read our guide on the best identity theft protection services in 2023

    How Much Does Discover Identity Theft Protection Cost?

    Discover Identity Theft Protection costs $15/month per user. This means if you want to protect yourself and a spouse or elderly family member, each person will have to pay $15/month. This can add up quickly if you’re looking to protect more than just yourself.

    For comparison, Aura’s family plan covers 5 adults (in different households) and unlimited children under the age of 18 for $20/month on an annual plan.

    Here’s what you can expect to pay each month for Discover Identity Theft Protection vs. Aura:

    # of people on plan
    $6/month – use this link
    $11.49/month – use this link
    $20/month (for up to 5 adults) – use this link
    🤔 Ready to save on award-winning protection? Aura gives you better and more comprehensive protection at a more affordable price. Try Aura free for 14 days.

    Who Is Discover Identity Theft Protection For?

    Discover Identity Theft Protection offers a decent level of protection at a fair price. But it’s not right for everyone.

    Here’s who will benefit the most from signing up for their service:

    • Discover customers who want basic identity theft protection. If you’re already a Discover customer, you could benefit for increased identity theft protection. Although, be aware that you’ll still be paying more for a less comprehensive service.
    • Families with lots of children. Discover covers up to 10 children with SSN and Dark Web monitoring as well as identity theft insurance and support. Most other identity theft protection services charge for children or limit the number who can be covered under one plan. However, beware that Discover doesn’t include parental controls or other family-centric safety features.
    • People not concerned about hacking, scams, or data leaks. Discover doesn’t include anything in the way of proactive protection — such as antivirus software, a virtual private network (VPN), Safe Browsing tools, or scam protection.

    The bottom line: In most cases, you’re better off looking at one of the many dedicated identity theft protection services available. Here’s a look at how Discover stacks up against two of the most popular options: LifeLock and Aura.

    Discover Identity Theft Protection vs. LifeLock vs. Aura

    While Discover Identity Theft Protection may be an easy choice for current Discover members, it’s not the best choice for most people.

    The main difference between Discover Identity Theft Protection and services like LifeLock and Aura is that Discover doesn’t offer any proactive protection against identity theft, fraud, or hacking.

    While no service can claim to completely protect you against identity theft, most modern tools include digital security and scam protection solutions to keep your data, identity, and money safe.

    For example, Aura includes:

    • A full suite of digital security tools. Every Aura plan includes access to powerful antivirus software, a virtual private network (VPN), secure password manager, a digital vault to store and securely share your sensitive info and files, Privacy Assistant, and more ways to stop hackers from accessing your devices and data.
    • AI-powered phone and text scam protection. Aura uses artificial intelligence (AI) to screen incoming calls and texts for scams — making sure you only receive legitimate calls.
    • Safe Browsing and phishing protection. Aura will warn you if you’re clicking on a malicious link and block fake or dangerous websites before they can do damage.
    • One-click credit lock. Instantly lock and unlock your Experian credit file with a single click in your mobile app to prevent scammers from opening new accounts or taking out loans in your name.
    • The industry’s fastest fraud alerts. A 2022 mystery shopper survey found that Aura’s credit monitoring service provided more reliable fraud alerts that were up to 250x faster than the competition3.

    Here’s how Aura and Discover Identity Theft Protection compare on their key features:

    $15/month per user.
    Starts at $6/month for individuals.
    Free trial
    14-day free trial and 60-day money-back guarantee on all annual plans.
    Identity monitoring
    Basic monitoring across the Dark Web and some public records.
    Rated #1 by,, TechRadar, Forbes, and more.
    Credit monitoring
    Three-bureau credit monitoring.
    Three-bureau credit monitoring with the industry’s fastest and most reliable fraud alerts.
    Insurance coverage
    Up to $1 million.
    Up to $5 million (on family plans).
    Digital security
    Comprehensive digital security, including antivirus, VPN, password manager, Safe Browsing, AI scam protection, and more.
    Family protection
    Protects up to 10 children.
    Protects unlimited children (on family plans).
    Parental controls
    Parental controls include content blocking, app and device time limits, Pause the internet®, and more.
    Customer support
    U.S.-based fraud remediation specialists available during limited hours.
    24/7 White Glove Fraud Resolution Specialists.
    No rating on third-party review sites.
    4.7 stars on Trustpilot

    Now, let’s dig into each of these main features to see what you can expect from Discover, Aura, and LifeLock:

    Identity monitoring and alerts

    At their core, identity theft protection services monitor your personally identifiable information (PII) and alert you if its been compromised, published, or used without your permission. While Discover, Aura, and LifeLock all offer identity monitoring, they differ in what information they monitor, where they track it, and how quickly they alert you.

    Here’s how these services compare when it comes to identity monitoring and alerts:

    Basic identity monitoring with no information about fraud alert speed.
    More advanced monitoring — depending on which plan you choose. No data on fraud alert speed.
    Provides the most comprehensive monitoring across all plans. Fraud alerts that are up to 250x faster than the competition. Includes Dark Web monitoring.
    Includes Dark Web monitoring.
    Includes Dark Web monitoring.
    Includes Dark Web monitoring.
    No home title or social media monitoring.
    Home title monitoring only on the more expensive Ultimate Plus plan.
    Home title and social media monitoring on all plans.

    LifeLock data breach in the news: The company recently disclosed that sensitive information from thousands of LifeLock customers — including passwords — was compromised in a December, 2022 data breach [*]. If you're looking for a secure LifeLock alternative, consider trying Aura free for 14 days.

    Credit and bank account monitoring

    All three services monitor your credit file at the major credit bureaus as well as your bank and other accounts with financial institutions for signs of fraud. For example, you should get a notification if someone uses your stolen debit card information to make a large purchase or tries to take out a Payday loan in your name.

    Here’s how these services compare when it comes to credit and financial account monitoring:

    Three-bureau credit monitoring.
    Three-bureau credit monitoring only on the more expensive Ultimate Plus plan.
    Three-bureau credit monitoring on all plans.
    No data on fraud alert speed or reliability.
    No data on fraud alert speed or reliability.
    The industry’s fastest and most reliable fraud alerts — up to 250x faster than other services.
    No credit lock included.
    “Identity Lock” to lock your TransUnion credit file.
    One-click Experian credit lock.
    Single Experian credit report when you enroll. Credit report “snapshots” are available monthly.
    Annual three-bureau credit reports. Daily one-bureau credit score and report updates.
    Monthly and annual 3-bureau credit reports. Monthly credit score using VantageScore 3.0.
    Monitors your information across a national network of over 50 financial institutions and lenders.
    Bank and investment account number monitoring and alerts.
    Bank and investment account monitoring with transaction threshold alerts (credit and debit cards, bank account, investment and retirement accounts).

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    Digital security

    Digital and online security features like VPNs or antivirus software are designed to keep your online activity private and your personal information safe from hackers and identity thieves. However, not all identity theft protection services offer these features.

    Here’s how these services compare:

    No digital security features.
    Digital security features available with Norton 360 add-on (for an extra monthly fee).
    Every plan includes critical digital security tools, including:
    • Antivirus software
    • Military-grade VPN
    • Secure password manager
    • Safe Browsing and phishing protection
    • Online Privacy Assistant
    AI-powered spam and scam call and text protection available on family plans (or for a small monthly upgrade on individual and couples plans).
    🥇 Don’t settle for second-best protection. Aura includes comprehensive identity theft, fraud, and hacking protection on every account. Try Aura free for 14 days and get award-winning protection for you and your family.

    Family protection

    Identity theft doesn’t just impact adults. In fact, every year identity theft impacts one in every 50 American children [*]. To keep your kids safe online takes more than just monitoring their SSN. That’s why Aura includes parental controls with their family plans.

    Here’s how these services compare when it comes to family safety:

    Covers up to 10 children with Dark Web, SSN, and bank account monitoring.
    Identity and SSN monitoring for up to 10 children on a family plan.
    Child SSN and Dark Web monitoring as well as credit freeze, family fraud alerts, and more for unlimited children (on family plan).

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    Identity theft insurance

    Becoming the victim of identity theft can disturb nearly every aspect of your life — and can be very complicated and costly to resolve. That’s why many customers feel that identity theft insurance and fraud remediation assistance are two of the most important parts of identity theft protection.

    Most insurance policies cover similar losses — such as lost wages, notary fees, child and elderly care, legal fees, and other relevant expenses.

    Here’s how each identity theft protection provider compares when it comes to identity theft insurance:

    Industry standard $1 million coverage.
    Coverage depends on plan level — from $1,050,000 to $3,000,000 total.
    $1 million for every adult member on your plan (up to $5 million for family plans).

    Bonus: Aura also provides lost wallet assistance. If your wallet is stolen or misplaced, you can reach out to our team, and skilled experts will walk you through the process of securing and recovering your accounts and personal information.

    Customer support

    If you’re the victim of identity fraud, the last thing you want is to have to deal with it on your own. When it comes to choosing an identity theft protection provider, accessible and experienced customer support is a must.

    Here’s how these services compare when it comes to customer support:

    U.S.-based fraud resolution specialists — available limited hours during the week.
    “Priority member support” only available on the more expensive Ultimate Plus plan.
    24/7 U.S.-based Fraud Resolution Specialists on all plans.

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    Lastly, you need to balance protection with your monthly budget. While Aura and Discover Identity Theft Protection offer simple and transparent pricing plans, LifeLock uses complicated pricing plans that offer different features and levels of coverage depending on what you pay.

    Even worse, LifeLock offers first-year discounts with sky-high renewal rates after your first year of service.

    Here’s how these services compare when it comes to cost:

    $15/month per adult user.
    Ultimate Plus plan starts at $19.99/month (renews at ~$28/month).
    Starts at $6/month for individual plans — using this discount link.
    🛡 Save up to 75% on Aura’s award-winning protection. Get the best deal on Aura’s comprehensive protection plans using this special discount link.

    How To Cancel Discover Identity Theft Protection

    Discover Identity Theft Protection is billed monthly, which means that you can cancel at any time and not be charged for future months. You’ll also receive a prorated refund for the unused portion of your monthly charge.

    Here’s how to cancel Discover Identity Theft Protection:

    • Call customer support at 1-800-347-3089 and ask to cancel your services.
    • Log in to your Account Center and cancel your services.

    Once you cancel, you’ll no longer be charged for protection. However, according to Discover’s privacy statement, they may still share your personal information for marketing and “everyday business” purposes [*]. To ask about Discover’s data collection and sharing policies, you can contact them at 1-800-347-7552.

    The Bottom Line: When It Comes To Modern Protection, Discover Comes Up Short

    According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Americans lost over $8.8 billion to identity theft and fraud in 2022 alone [*].

    Here are a few ways you can protect your identity and finances even without identity theft protection:

    • Freeze your credit. A credit freeze prevents anyone from accessing your credit file, which means scammers can’t use your stolen identity to take out loans or open accounts in your name. To freeze your credit, contact each of the three bureaus individually — Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.
    • Always use two-factor authentication (2FA). This added security measure is one of the best ways to keep hackers and scammers out of your online accounts.
    • Limit the amount of data you share. The less information you give to companies and online businesses, the less likely you’ll become the victim of a major data breach.
    • Don’t save credit card or other payment information. It may take longer to enter it each time you check out, but at least you know your payment information won’t be compromised in the case of a hack.
    • Learn the warning signs of a phishing scam. Know what to look out for in suspicious emails, texts, calls, or social media DMs.
    • Keep your devices and software updated. Hackers use known vulnerabilities in outdated software to steal your data or hack your devices. Turn on autoupdates to keep your devices as secure as possible.
    • Protect sensitive mail, ID, and documents. Shred sensitive documents before throwing them out and always ensure your wallet and sensitive ID is protected at all times.

    While Discover Identity Theft Protection is a decent ID theft monitoring service, it has serious gaps in its proactive protection and fraud remediation assistance. For more comprehensive ID theft protection (without complicated pricing plans and sky-high renewal costs), consider signing up for Aura.

    Aura gives you peace of mind and helps you proactively safeguard your identity with top-rated identity theft protection, 250x faster fraud alerts, and 24/7 support.

    Ready to try Aura for yourself? Sign up for a free 14-day trial of Aura

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