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DeleteMe Alternatives: 7 Better Ways To Protect Your Privacy

DeleteMe was one of the first services to help you remove your personal info from data brokers — but some competitors do more to keep you safe online.

DeleteMe was one of the first services to help you remove your personal info from data brokers — but some competitors do more to keep you safe online.

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    In this article:

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      Aura’s digital security app keeps your family safe from scams, fraud, and identity theft.

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      Does DeleteMe Actually Work? 

      As one of the oldest data removal services on the market, DeleteMe claims to have removed millions of personal information records from the internet for its users. But while DeleteMe can help to protect your privacy (and even prevent identity theft that can occur when sensitive data is leaked by data brokers or breaches), it’s not always enough to keep you safe. 

      Modern services go beyond basic data removal and provide powerful ways to protect, monitor, and even restore your identity.

      With nearly 350 million people becoming the victims of data breaches in 2023 alone [*], it’s more important than ever to protect your identity, accounts, and finances. 


      What Does DeleteMe Do? Pros & Cons and Who It Can Help

      a screenshot of the DeleteMe homepage with a button that says ‘Protect Yourself’

      Founded in 2010, DeleteMe remains one of the longest-running services that focuses exclusively on personal data removal. In the past 14 years, the company has performed over 100 million data removals for its customers. 

      Even with discounts available on two-year plans, DeleteMe is one of the more expensive options with privacy protection plans starting at $10.75/month for one person and $19.08/month for two people.

      DeleteMe’s services are mostly automated. Users sign up and let the service know what personal information they want removed, and DeleteMe then scours hundreds of data broker websites and submits data removal requests on its customers’ behalf. 

      A week later, users receive a privacy report highlighting where their data was found and the status of the data deletion process. As long as you’re a customer, DeleteMe will rescan its list of data brokers every three months for your sensitive information.

      Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of DeleteMe’s Privacy Protection plans:

      DeleteMe Pros
      DeleteMe Cons
      Scans over 750 data broker sites for customers’ personal information — one of the most comprehensive scans available.
      Some customers report receiving excessive marketing emails once they sign up for the service [*].
      Provides detailed privacy reports within seven days of starting the opt-out process.
      No 24/7 support. Phone and chat support is only available Monday to Friday from 9am – 8pm EST.
      Rechecks data brokers every three months to ensure customer data isn’t re-added.
      No free trial, but you can get a free scan by submitting your name and location.
      Provides Do-It-Yourself (DIY) opt-out guides if you want to go through the process yourself.
      Very minimal protection tools for your identity, privacy, and finances (only email, phone, and credit card masking).

      The bottom line: DeleteMe focuses entirely on data removal, which likely appeals to those who only want their information removed from data broker lists. However, the lack of identity theft protection and fraud prevention tools may render the service too limited for some users. 

      Here’s why you should consider a DeleteMe alternative

      Many of the top data broker removal companies offer similar services, which can make it difficult to choose between them. 

      While DeleteMe's user-friendly service makes it easy to remove your information from the major data broker databases, it has some limitations that may dissuade you from signing up.

      Here are some reasons why you might look for a DeleteMe alternative:

      • You’re concerned about more than just data privacy. DeleteMe does one thing well — but that’s about it. For protection against online scams, identity theft, fraud, and other threats, you’ll need either an all-in-one provider or multiple services. 
      • You’ve been the victim of identity theft or a data breach. DeleteMe only requests that data brokers remove your online data from their sites. They offer no alerts or support if your information is illegally leaked or misused by identity thieves.
      • DeleteMe’s pricing is too high for your monthly budget. DeleteMe's prices are more than double of many of its competitors that offer similar or better services. 
      • You care about safeguarding your data from the most serious threats. DeleteMe claims to remove data from over 750 data brokers, but some of the worst threats come from small data brokers and the Dark Web, which DeleteMe doesn't cover.
      💪 Get 360° protection for your identity, finances, and privacy. Aura combines award-winning identity monitoring and protection with the industry’s fastest fraud alerts, data broker removal, and powerful digital security. Try Aura today — plans start at just $3/month.

      The 7 Best DeleteMe Alternatives in 2024

      1. Aura
      2. Incogni
      3. Optery
      4. Reputation Defender
      5. Kanary
      6. Privacy Bee
      7. OneRep

      The best DeleteMe alternatives help clean up your digital footprint by removing your sensitive data from data broker lists while also providing other forms of data security and identity theft protection.  

      Here’s a deeper look at the options available to you:

      1. Aura Privacy Protection

      Aura has become a leader in the identity theft protection world in a relatively short period of time. Already ranked #1 by Forbes,, TechRadar, and for its identity, credit, and Dark Web monitoring, Aura recently added privacy protection plans to its suite of services. 

      Despite its low monthly cost, Aura's privacy plans include device security, identity and account monitoring, and 24/7 customer support. 

      Why you should consider Aura as a DeleteMe alternative:

      • Data removal from 30 major data brokers — along with ongoing monitoring
      • Data breach and Dark Web monitoring to warn you of data leaks
      • SSN and personal information monitoring
      • Digital security — including antivirus, a military-grade virtual private network (VPN), password manager, and more
      • Credit monitoring with one-click CreditLock
      • Online and financial account monitoring
      • $1 million in identity theft insurance
      • 24/7 U.S.-based customer support
      Aura Pros
      Aura Cons
      Provides all-in-one protection with data broker opt-outs, Dark Web monitoring, fraud protection, and digital security.
      Scans fewer data brokers than some other services. However, it continually adds more data brokers to its list.
      Offers 24/7 support and a $1 million insurance policy to cover you in the event that you become a victim of fraud or identity theft.
      Password manager is somewhat basic when compared to other stand-alone services.
      Plans start at just $3/month, and include data broker removal, VPN, antivirus software, and online account monitoring.
      Functionality may be limited on some platforms.
      60-day money back guarantee offered on annual plans.
      Only available in the United States.

      Aura plans and pricing:

      Aura offers three privacy plans that differ by the amount of protection provided. 

      Here's Aura’s pricing breakdown as of May 2024:  

      • Privacy: $3/month (Includes data broker opt-out, device security, and safe browsing tools)
      • Privacy Plus: $4/month (Includes all Privacy features, plus identity monitoring, anti-trackers and ad blockers, and a password manager)
      • Ultimate: $5/month (Includes all Privacy Plus features, plus comprehensive identity monitoring and fraud protection, credit monitoring, and $1 million insurance policy)

      Aura vs. DeleteMe: How do they compare? 

      Both Aura and DeleteMe automate the time-consuming data removal process, but Aura provides a great deal of additional protection — including identity and credit monitoring, antivirus protection, and generous insurance coverage.

      🏆 Get award-winning protection for your identity — and privacy. Sign up for Aura today and start protecting yourself against identity theft, fraud, and data leaks. Plans start at just $3/month.

      2. Incogni

      Owned by well-known VPN company Surfshark, Incogni helps its customers remove their data from various types of data brokers, including marketing brokers, recruitment sites, and people search sites. 

      Available to residents of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe, Incogni's privacy plans can help you reduce your digital footprint — but they come with a hefty price tag. 

      Why you should consider Incogni as a DeleteMe alternative:

      • Removes your information from over 180 data brokers
      • Leverages state and national privacy laws to empower takedown requests
      • Regularly tracks your information to ensure it doesn't reappear
      • Continually adds to its roster of data brokers
      Incogni Pros
      Incogni Cons
      Sends removal requests to over 180 data brokers.
      Reports may lack details about the information found and removed.
      Sends regular updates that track progress on takedown requests.
      No digital security or identity protection services are added to plans.
      Promotes better data protection practices through educational blogs, newsletters, and privacy guides.
      Plan prices are higher than many other comparable services.

      Incogni plans and pricing:

      Incogni offers just one privacy plan that you can pay for monthly or annually. 

      Here's the pricing breakdown as of May 2024:  

      • Monthly: $12.98/month
      • Annually: $6.49/month or $77.88/year

      Incogni vs. DeleteMe: How do they compare? 

      Incogni specializes in using privacy laws (such as the CCPA in California and GDPR in Europe)  to counteract data broker collection policies, but not all locations offer the same protections. In those places, Incogni may just offer a similar service to DeleteMe at a higher price. 

      3. Optery

      Founded in 2020, Optery provides users with a free scan and report that details what information data brokers have on them. Optery also offers a premium opt-out service that automatically removes user information from over 330 data brokers. 

      Why you should consider Optery as a DeleteMe alternative:

      • Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee
      • Extensive database of data brokers and aggregators
      • Customers receive an exposure report within hours
      • Monthly scans ensure that user data stays off data broker sites 
      Optery Pros
      Optery Cons
      Covers more than 335 data broker sites in its data removal process on its top-level plan.
      Limited data broker coverage on all but the top plans.
      Offers a free service to which you can add family members easily (or upgrade).
      Data removal done with bot automation on lower-level plans.
      Offers opt-out guides with step-by-step instructions for DIY removal.
      Lacks features and tools outside of data removal.
      Exposure reports include a detailed look at what information is out there, along with screenshots of the process.
      Premium plans cost more than those of many competitors.

      Optery plans and pricing:

      Optery offers four plans that vary by the data broker coverage and level of personalized support provided. 

      Here's the pricing breakdown as of May 2024:  

      • Free Basic: $0 (Includes exposure report for self-service opt-outs)
      • Core: $3.99/month (Includes all Free features, plus automated removal requests for over 110 data broker sites)
      • Extended: $14.99/month (Includes all Core features, plus removal requests for over 230 data broker sites and some assistance from a private agent)
      • Ultimate: $24.99/month (Includes all Extended features, plus removal requests for over 335 data broker sites, custom requests, and priority email support)

      Optery vs. DeleteMe: How do they compare? 

      Optery provides less coverage than DeleteMe, but is quicker in sharing feedback and insights on who has your data. For DIYers, Optery's free scanning service gives you most of the information you need to tackle data removal on your own.

      4. Reputation Defender

      Created by Norton more than a decade ago, Reputation Defender offers a unique reputation clean up service. For paying subscribers, Reputation Defender manicures their online search results and removes customers’ sensitive information from data broker sites in the process.

      While Reputation Defender can give businesses a serious branding boost, this may not be necessary for most individuals. 

      Why you should consider Reputation Defender as a DeleteMe alternative:

      • You want to improve the quality of your digital footprint and reputation 
      • Offers assistance and access to extensive resource library
      • Positive content-creation and negative content-suppression service
      Reputation Defender Pros
      Reputation Defender Cons
      Provides a free reputation report card that tells you what, if any, negative information about you is available online.
      Extremely expensive if you only need a data removal service.
      Suppresses and attempts to take down negative and damaging posts and search results.
      Primarily focused on content creation — not data removal.
      Creates and publishes positive content about you online.
      No guarantees that it can remove negative content or achieve positive results.
      Removes sensitive information from data broker lists and people search sites.
      Not relevant for most individuals.

      Reputation Defender plans and pricing:

      You will need a consultation for exact pricing, but Reputation Defender's plans vary by how much content the company creates for you. 

      As of May 2024, prices range between $3,000 (nine pieces of professional content) and $25,000 (49 pieces of professional content). 

      Reputation Defender vs. DeleteMe: How do they compare? 

      While Reputation Defender offers a comparable data removal service to DeleteMe, it's the reputation clean-up service that stands out. If you need help managing your online reputation (and budget is no concern), Reputation Defender is a decent option. 

      💡 Related: How To Remove Your Personal Information From Radaris (Opt Out Guide) →

      5. Kanary

      Kanary provides quick and effective data removal services for its customers, claiming to monitor more than 300 sites regularly and over 20,000 in total. The company provides results in the first 24 to 48 hours, but requires more than 90 days to remove all of the data it can locate.

      Why you should consider Kanary as a DeleteMe alternative:

      • Actively monitors more than 325 data broker sites
      • Free plan offers scanning and limited removals
      • Discounts are offered when you add family members to plans
      Kanary Pros
      Kanary Cons
      14-day free trial that includes removals from three sites.
      More expensive than some competitors.
      Get results in 24-48 hours that show you where your information is collected online.
      No additional features to protect against identity theft.
      30-day money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied with the process.
      Limited information provided on some data brokers.
      Easily add family members at reduced prices.
      Results may include false positives [*].

      Kanary plans and pricing:

      Kanary offers a free plan for DIYers and a premium plan that takes care of data removal for users.

      Here’s the pricing breakdown as of May 2024:

      • Starter: $0 (Includes personal information scanning and three free removals)
      • Premium: $16.99/monthly or $179.88/annually (Includes all Free features, plus scans every 30 days) 
      • Additional family members: Starts at $7.49/month 

      Kanary vs. DeleteMe: How do they compare? 

      Kanary and DeleteMe provide similar services, but Kanary makes it easier and more affordable to add members if you want coverage for the whole family. 

      6. Privacy Bee

      Privacy Bee specializes in managing your privacy online, allowing you to customize what information you share and with whom. For the organizations you want restricted, including data brokers, Privacy Bee helps remove your information and block them from tracking you. 

      Why you should consider Privacy Bee as a DeleteMe alternative:

      • 24/7 data breach monitoring and alerts
      • Customizable privacy filters to safeguard your information
      • Proactive tools can help prevent data leaks and privacy issues
      Privacy Bee Pros
      Privacy Bee Cons
      Free vulnerability scan and data breach monitoring.
      No free plan, free trial, or money-back guarantee.
      Privacy browser extension white-lists trusted companies and blocks trackers.
      Costly option for those who just want data removal.
      Manages your information with over 117,000 companies.
      May delete information from useful accounts if you're not careful [*].

      Privacy Bee plans and pricing:

      Privacy Bee has one plan that includes data broker information removal and trust management features.

      As of May 2024, Privacy Bee costs $197/year. 

      Privacy Bee vs. DeleteMe: How do they compare? 

      Privacy Bee helps you remove your information from data brokers like DeleteMe, but the service is unique in that it allows you to control your privacy online and indicate what companies you trust with your information. 

      7. OneRep

      Since its founding in 2015, OneRep has helped more than 450,000 people remove over five million records from data broker lists. The company's AI-powered data removal service scans, monitors, and removes information from nearly 200 websites to protect its users’ privacy.

      Why you should consider OneRep as a DeleteMe alternative:

      • Detailed and easy-to-read privacy reports
      • Monthly rescans and monitoring
      • Plans available for families of six (or even more) people
      OneRep Pros
      OneRep Cons
      Removes personal information from over 195 sites.
      Offers limited features aside from data removal.
      Free scan to find out which sites have and publish your information.
      Lacks support options with real humans.
      Five-day free trial, but no money-back guarantee.
      No monitoring or alerts for data breaches.
      Family plans available, as well as options for more than 10 people.
      Plans may be overpriced for what they offer.

      OneRep plans and pricing:

      OneRep's plans vary in price depending on how often you pay and how many people are protected. 

      Here's the pricing breakdown as of May 2024:

      • Yourself: $14.95/month (Includes scanning, monitoring, and removing information on 199 data broker sites for one person)
      • Your Family: $27.95/month (Covers up to six people)
      • Your Team: Varies (Covers more than 10 people, plus it includes a personal account manager, administrative dashboard, and custom billing)

      OneRep vs. DeleteMe: How do they compare? OneRep provides a comparable service to DeleteMe, but it likely works better for families and businesses looking to remove personal information from data brokers. 

      How To Protect Your Privacy Online

      DeleteMe and the other data removal services listed above help you remove your information from data broker lists, but there are steps that you can take to limit how much of your data is available in the first place. 

      By improving your cyber hygiene, you can better protect your privacy and prevent identity theft. 

      Here are some simple tasks you can perform to secure your data and devices:

      • Limit what you share with online services. Data breaches can do serious harm to your online privacy and safety. The less information you share with services and vendors — especially your phone numbers, financial details, etc. — the safer you’ll be in the event that their databases are breached. 
      • Remove your personal information from Google searches. You can remove your personal information from Google's search engine in two ways. You can submit a personal content removal request [*] or you can request removal through the Results about you section in your Google account privacy settings [*]. 
      • Tighten your social media privacy settings. While you should be wary about sharing anything online, you can protect your information on social media through your privacy settings by managing who sees what you post and where.
      • Delete old accounts. You can easily reduce your digital footprint by deleting old and unused accounts. If you can't remove an account entirely, it’s wise to remove or change any factual information and login credentials on the account. 
      • Use anti-trackers and antivirus programs. Flesh out your cybersecurity program with anti-trackers and antivirus software that block information-stealing websites and malware from latching onto your data or your device.
      🛡️ Save on award-winning privacy protection. Aura has been rated #1 by, Forbes,, and others for its modern take on privacy and digital security. Try Aura today with plans starting at just $3/month.

      The Bottom Line: DeleteMe Isn’t Your Only Option

      Removing your personal information from data broker sites can go a long way in preventing unwanted ads, phishing scams, and hackers. That's why DeleteMe has been so effective and successful over the years. However, true online privacy and security now require a multi-pronged approach that few companies offer. 

      With an all-in-one service provider like Aura, you can still get help removing your information from data brokers — but you also receive identity, credit, and financial fraud protection with real-time alerts and $1 million in insurance coverage. 

      In addition to monitoring your information and accounts, Aura provides advanced device security tools and round-the-clock White Glove Fraud Resolution support to give you peace of mind. 

      Aura keeps you safe, secure, and private — plans start at just $ 3/month.

      Editorial note: Our articles provide educational information for you to increase awareness about digital safety. Aura’s services may not provide the exact features we write about, nor may cover or protect against every type of crime, fraud, or threat discussed in our articles. Please review our Terms during enrollment or setup for more information. Remember that no one can prevent all identity theft or cybercrime.

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