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Where does my credit score come from?

Please Note:

  • Vantage scores are different from FICO scores.
  • Vantage scores are available from one bureau every 30 days and all three bureaus every 365 days.


Process Steps

  1. What is it? 

           a. Aura provides a monthly VantageScore® credit score so you can keep a pulse on your credit health.

           b. You can even view trends over time and see which factors contribute to your latest credit score. 

           c. A VantageScore® credit score is different from a FICO credit score.

           d. Although both are credit scores, they use different scoring models.

           e. The VantageScore® was developed by the three credit bureaus – Equifax®, Experian®, and

               TransUnion® – and is one of the most widely used scores to assess credit health. 

      2. Why is this important?

           a. Credit scores are most commonly used by financial institutions (banks, credit card companies,

               mortgage lenders) to assess how likely you will pay back borrowed money. 

           b. A credit score determines a lot: what rates you will pay, what loans you get, and your financial options. 

           c. The only way to know your their credit is doing is to check it.

           d. Aura’s automated monthly credit score reports allow you to stay on top of your credit score to ensure it

               stays healthy, and that no fraud has occurred that may reduce your score.

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