Irina Maltseva

Contributor at Aura

Irina Maltseva is a growth marketer with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing. After being scammed by Airbnb and, Irina joined Aura to help the company on its mission to create a safer internet for everyone.

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Irina Maltseva

An illustration of the logos for IDShield, LifeLock, and Aura lined up on the ground

IDShield vs. LifeLock vs. Aura: What's Best In 2023?

IDShield vs. LifeLock is a common comparison for the best identity theft protection services. But is either one the right choice for you?

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September 13, 2023
Illustration of a text message speech bubble with a money sign inside symbolizing a debt relief scam call.

How To Avoid the Credit National Assist Debt Relief Scam

Are you getting calls from “Credit National Assist?” Learn how to spot this common phone scam and protect yourself from fraudsters.

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September 12, 2023
Illustration of a mask overtop of a smartphone

Help! Someone Opened a Cell Phone Account in My Name

Is there an unfamiliar cell phone account in your name or did your phone suddenly stop working? Learn what it could mean and why you need to act quickly.

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August 2, 2023
What is credit monitoring: Header image
Credit & Finance

What is Credit Monitoring? Do You Need It?

Credit monitoring protects your credit score by tracking changes and alerting you to potential fraud. Learn how to decide if you need credit monitoring.

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July 27, 2023
Hinge scammers - illustration

The 5 Latest Hinge Scams: How To Identify a Hinge Scammer

Dating and romance scams are at an all-time high. Learn how to spot the latest Hinge scams, and stop Hinge scammers before it’s too late.

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July 24, 2023
An illustration of a fake Apple logo and a mouse pointer next to it
Internet Security

How To Avoid Apple Phishing Emails (Apple ID Scams)

Apple phishing emails are getting more sophisticated — and harder to identify. Learn how to protect your Apple account from hackers and scammers.

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July 10, 2023