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Aura helps you browse the web safely, blocking site trackers and dangerous scam sites so you can protect your online privacy.

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Available on 
iOS • Android • Chrome • Firefox • Edge

Take Control Of Your Privacy

Aura improves your online privacy by blocking intrusive site trackers that collect information on you and your browsing activity.

Protect Against Phishing & Scam Sites

Aura’s website blocker automatically stops you from entering malware and phishing sites that may steal your personal and financial info.

Block Persistent & Distracting Ads

Aura blocks annoying pop-up ads and banners so you can enjoy your favorite sites without the distraction.

Let's Secure Your Digital Life

Available on 
PC • Mac • Android • iOS

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$1,000,000 ID Theft Insurance*

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How does Anti-Track improve my online privacy?

Every time you visit a website, data is being collected on you to build a digital profile. This profile is often used to serve you spam or targeted ads. Aura’s Anti-Track automatically blocks these site trackers so you can keep browsing your favorite sites while keeping your data private.

How does Safe Browsing work?

Aura helps you browse the web safely by automatically blocking malware or phishing sites that want to steal your personal and financial info. Safe Browsing can be enabled through the Aura desktop app or browser extension.

How do I install Anti-Track and Safe Browsing?

You can enable these features by installing the Aura browser extension on Chrome, FireFox, and Edge.