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What are the Aura Parental Control features?

Parental Controls, powered by Circle, allow kids to browse online safely. You can filter harmful sites and easily manage how much time they spend on apps like YouTube, Roblox, SnapChat, and more.

Time limits - Allows parents to build good time online habits but limits the amount of time children spend online each day. This can be managed by daily limits or limits on specific apps/websites. 

Bonus time - Allows parents to easily add extra time to their child’s daily time limit. Use it as a reward for good behavior or to buy you a little extra time to finish making dinner! 

Pause - Allows parents to easily stop internet access on their child’s devices with the tap of a button. Don’t forget to unpause or your child’s device won’t be able to connect to the internet! 

Content Filtering - Allows internet filters that help manage web content. You can restrict certain websites and apps while allowing others.

Safe Search - Allows parents to easily eliminate explicit content from search results in search engines like Google, Bing & DuckDuckGo as well as YouTube.

Time Online & Online Activity -  Allows parents to see the amount of time children spend online, by category, app, or website.

Online History - Allows parents to see all apps and websites their child visited or was blocked from visiting.

Bedtime - Allows parents to set a nightly "bedtime" where the children can't access the internet after that time.

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