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I set up Aura Parental Controls but it isn't working, what do I do?

Please note:

If you do not allow VPN permissions during initial setup on your child's device. You will have to uninstall and reinstall again.

There are a few reasons why Aura Parental Controls may not be working correctly. Here are a few things you can check on to troubleshoot.

1. Your child may have deleted the Aura App on their device. 

  • If your child has an iOS device there are steps you can take to disable the deletion of the Aura app in the video above! 

2. Re-link the child’s device via the Aura App.

3. Your child may have turned off the VPN.

  • Go to the child’s device settings, and toggle VPN back on.
  • You can also use the video above to disable the ability to turn off the VPN.

4. If no time online is registering for your child’s device in your Aura app, but you see that your child has been on their device:

                    - They may be using an app or game that does not require the internet.

                    - They may be viewing content that was previously downloaded so they can view it offline.

                    - If none of these scenarios apply, reach out to Customer Support.

Questions or feedback about Parental Controls?

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