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I received an alert for a new credit account. Now what?

You will receive an alert from Aura when a new credit account is added to your credit file as indicated by the credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion). 

What triggers a new credit account detected alert?

A new credit card, loan, or bank account may trigger this alert. Creditors make regular reports to the credit bureaus, but it may still take up to 45 days for new accounts to be reflected on your credit report. New accounts may include:

  • New credit cards
  • New loans 
  • New mortgage/equity loans
  • New student loan accounts
  • Being listed as an authorized user or co-signer on a new account


Example of a New Credit Account Detected

Is there anything I should do?

If you recognize the new account that was added, you can mark the alert as resolved in Aura.

If you don’t recognize the inquiry, review the following questions as they may help you recognize the alert:

Is the account owned by you or someone you know? An account may appear on your credit report if you are an authorized user or co-signer.

Did you take any of the following actions on or around the date specified in your report?

  • Open a new loan or credit card
  • Apply for a new auto loan, mortgage, or insurance
  • Request changes to an existing account, such as a lower interest rate, special credit card program, or balance transfer

Do you recognize the name of the creditor? In some cases, the name shown on the credit report is abbreviated. Examples include:

  • Bank of America may listed as BOA, BofA, or Bk of Amer
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank may be listed as JPMCB
  • Costco Department Store credit card may list the Underwriter CBNA (CitiBank North America) 
  • Home Depot Department Store Credit Card may be listed as THD/CBNA The Home Depot/ CitiBank North America

Do you recognize the creditor name as the name of an institution that issued a credit card to you or is the underwriter for a loan?

If you still don’t recognize the alert, we recommend contacting the creditor and letting them know about this credit alert. They should be able to help you identify it. The creditor’s phone number should be included in the details of the alert you received.

In either case, we recommend the following:

  • Review your current credit report to ensure you recognize the addresses, accounts, inquiries, and public records associated with your identity. You can visit for a free credit report. 
  • Keep your Aura Vault updated so we can continue to monitor your information on the dark web.

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