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I received an alert about a new bank account opened in my name. What should I do next?

You may receive this alert when we detect that your name is associated with a new financial account. 

This alert may have been caused by the following events:

  • We detect a new financial account opened using your personal information, including Checking, Savings, CD, or IRA financial accounts.
  • You were added as an authorized user on someone else’s bank account (e.g. your spouse, parent, employer).
  • You may also be alerted to a new account if your bank is acquired by another institution, or changes the way it stores your data.

Aura sends you alerts for these types of activities to help catch signs of identity theft and to help mitigate any financial losses stemming from fraud. You can sign to your online banking accounts to make sure everything looks correct.

If you don’t recognize the new account, review the following questions as they may help you recognize the alert:

1. Is the account owned by you or someone you know? You may be notified about an account after one of these events:

  • Opening a new financial account, including checking, savings, CD, or IRA
  • Sharing a financial account with your family member
  • Being added to your employer’s financial account

2. Do you recognize the financial institution? Please note, your bank may be listed under an abbreviated name (e.g. Bank of America may appear as BOA, BofA, or Bk of Amer).

3. If you still don’t recognize this activity, contact the financial institution for more information. Additional contact information should be provided if you log into your Aura account to view the alert.

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