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I received a new credit inquiry alert. Now what?


  • If you have any questions you may contact a Security Specialist anytime at 1-833-552-2123

What Triggers a New Credit Inquiry Alert

  • Applying for a loan, mortgage, line of credit 
  • If you are listed as a co-signer for another individual
  • Positive/ Negative Account Changes
  • In some instances, a creditor may be listed under an abbreviated name. 

          a. Eg. Bank of America may listed as BOA, BofA, or Bk of Amer

          b. Eg. Jp Morgan Chase Bank may be listed as JPCB

          c. Eg. A Costco Department Store credit card may list the Underwriter CBNA (CitiBank North America) 

          d. A Home Depot Department Store Credit Card may be listed as THD/CBNA The Home Depot/ CitiBank North America


Is there anything I have to do?

  • If you recognize Inquiry, there’s No further actions needed
  • If you don’t recognize the Inquiry, Contact a Security Specialist at 1-833-552-2123 for support with the next steps
  • Review your current credit report to ensure the information is correct. You can visit for a free credit report 
  • Place a Fraud alert or Security Freeze ensuring no future inquiries being placed
  • Keep your Watchlist updated to ensure Dark Web Monitoring is Active


Example of a New Credit Inquiry

  • Inquiry may list underwriters information

          a. In this example you’ll see that Synchrony Bank is an underwriter for Chevron’s Credit Card -SYNCB/CHEVRON

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