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I received a dark web alert for my email credentials being found. Now what?

What Triggers an ‘Email Address on the Dark Web Alert 

  • Your email and password may have been compromised due to a data breach
  • Some businesses sell your information to data brokers for marketing and advertisements. It may have landed in the wrong hands and sold on the Dark Web 
  • Possibility of being hacked on your personal device or using a Public Network without a VPN

What Can I do?

  • Immediately change the password for any other online account that uses the same username and password as the one in this alert.
  • Look at the date found in the alert as it could be a historical Dark web alert. 
  • If you do not recognize the company name or website associated with the alert, it is possible that your information was purchased by this company from one that you have done business with in the past. Do not attempt to log in or visit the website.
  • If the company name or website is one that you do recognize, immediately change the password for the above referenced online account.
  • Use unique passwords for all online accounts, which will limit the exposure if any are compromised
  • Keep your Watchlist up to date to ensure monitoring is active. 

Example of Credentials Found on the Dark Web

Below is an example of an email that was found on the Dark Web 

Example of an email on the dark web alert

If you don’t recognize the data breach name; It may be listed as a category name meaning that more than one business was affected by one source/cybercriminal/’s

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