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I received a dark web alert for my childs Social Security Number being found. What now?

What triggers this Alert?

  • You will receive this alert when a Social Security Number associated with a minor in your household is found on the Dark Web. 
  • Your information may have been affected by a data breach.
  • You may have been a victim of malware threats or potentially been hacked.
  • You are receiving this alert because the Social Security Number can be used by thieves to fraudulently open credit in the minor’s name without your knowledge. 

What Can I Do?

Although data found on the Dark Web cannot be removed, these tips can help you be proactive:

  • Look at the date found in the alert as it could be a historical Dark web alert.
  • Research whether the minor has a credit file established.
  • If a credit report exists, you can review and dispute any fraudulent items found.
  • Once the fraudulent items are removed, the report can be closed and you can freeze the minor’s credit to ensure new lines of credit cannot be opened in the future.
  • If fraudulent items appear on the credit report, file a report with the Federal Trade Commission and your local police department, in the event of any issues that arise because of the stolen Social Security Number.
  • If you believe identity theft has occurred, contact us immediately so we can help you with the next steps.
  • Keep your watchlist up to date to ensure monitoring is active.
  • Utilize Aura’s Online Security feature to enable your VPN invisibility.

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