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Does Aura offer antivirus for the iOS mobile app?

Our Aura app for iOS (Apple) mobile devices such as the iPhone does not include antivirus functionality, not due to an oversight, but because iOS's design and Apple's policies render such features as not permissible and unnecessary under its architecture. While some antivirus companies like Norton and McAfee may have an iOS app, their mobile security solution doesn't actually offer antivirus.

Instead, Aura focuses on providing valuable security tools that align with iOS's architecture, like secure browsing, data protection, identity monitoring, VPN, and parental controls. These tools are designed to complement iOS's built-in security features, offering our users a comprehensive digital security solution without the need for traditional antivirus software.

Apple's Stance on Antivirus Apps

In 2015, Apple made a significant policy change by removing all antivirus solutions from the App Store. This decision was based on Apple's confidence in the inherent security features of iOS (Apple). Apple's operating system was meticulously designed with security as a fundamental component, ensuring that iOS devices offer robust protection against malicious software without the need for traditional antivirus applications.

The Design Philosophy Behind iOS Security

iOS is designed to prioritize user security from the ground up. One of the key features of this design is the concept of "sandboxing." Sandboxing means that every app you download from the App Store operates in a self-contained environment. This isolation prevents apps from accessing data from other apps or making unauthorized changes to the device's system settings. Consequently, the potential harm from a malicious app is significantly minimized, reducing the necessity for traditional antivirus software on iOS.

Why Android and iOS Differ in This Aspect

While Android devices also incorporate security measures similar to iOS, the nature of the Android platform allows third-party apps more freedom in terms of accessing the system and other apps' data. This difference in design philosophy means that antivirus apps can play a more beneficial role in Android ecosystems, helping to monitor and protect against these broader permissions. The Google Play Store acknowledges this necessity by permitting antivirus apps in its marketplace.

The Presence of Security Apps on iOS

It's not uncommon to see apps antivirus companies like Norton and McAfee on the iOS App Store. These companies adapt by offering services labeled as "mobile security," which focus on other features other than antivirus.

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