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Am I a victim of Identity Theft? Questions to ask yourself if your believe you are a victim of Identity theft.

Please Note

  • The questions will be based on date(s) / ownership/ underwriters/ mixed files.
  • It’s recommended that you ask yourself these questions before deeming the activity fraudulent.
  • You can also review your credit report to verify the information being reported is correct.   


  • Questions to ask yourself about possible account ownership:
  • Have you opened up any accounts recently?
  • Could the possible fraud activity in question be in relation to these types of accounts ( Authorized User(s) / Co-signer/ Joint)?
  • Could the activity be associated with a family, friend, or spouse’s account? Have you cosigned or listed as an authorized user for anyone else?
  • Have you requested or made changes to any of your existing accounts? Such as lower interest rates, credit limit increases, special credit card programs (rewards program), or balance transfers?
  • Questions to ask yourself about the established date(s):
  • What date did you receive notice of the activity?
  • Have you applied for credit or do you recall opening an account within this timeframe?
  • Have you recently applied for credit such as (a mortgage loan, auto loan, or insurance) these can generate multiple inquiries.
  • Underwriter
  • Often most alerts can display the 3rd party/underwriter’s name instead of the company name you initially started business with.  
  • Have you made changes such as refinancing, applying for a new mortgage, or requesting a credit line increase? 
  • Are there any transitions/ changes happening within your current mortgage company? (ex. Change in lenders).
  • Multiple / Mixed File 
  • Is there anyone in your household that has the same name or a similar name to yours?  
  • Clerical errors can occur which happens when paper records are entered into a computer.
  • Data is sometimes entered manually and is also aggregated in mass quantities. 
  • Items could appear on your public record that belong to an individual with a Social Security number that is 1 digit different than yours. (usually, a typo while being uploaded into the system).

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