January 26, 2024

Aura Expands Parental Control Features, Enabling Parents to Review Internet History and Reward with Bonus Time

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Parents can now see a complete list of all apps and sites their kids have accessed
New Bonus Time feature makes it easy for parents to extend their child's time limits

BOSTON, January 26, 2024Aura, the first truly intelligent safety solution that protects everything your family does online, has now introduced enhanced parental control features - History and Bonus Time - at no additional cost to customers.

“Our goal is to make sure that kids can use technology safely and in a way that doesn't stifle learning, exploration or autonomy,” said Agya Garg, Head of Product at Aura. “With the right parental controls in place, parents can better connect with their kids. Seeing the apps your kids spend the most time on or the websites they visit can provide great insight into the things they value and can serve as a jumping off point for important conversations about technology and the internet." 

Aura’s expanded History feature helps track your kids’ online habits

Aura expanded its History feature so parents can now see a complete list of all apps and sites their kids have accessed – not just a list of the blocked apps and sites their kids have tried to access. Aura made this change to help customers spot overuse on apps and websites. With the History feature, you don’t have to guess or make assumptions anymore. You can be certain you know what your kids are viewing online. 

Four screenshots of new parental controls History features in the Aura product.

Extend your kids’ daily time online with Bonus Time

Aura’s Time Limits help your kids develop healthy habits with their devices and find a balance of screen time and offline time that’s right for your family. Bonus Time builds on the Time Limit feature by allowing parents to add more time to their child’s daily limit in just a couple taps. It’s meant to reward good behavior – or if you just need a little more time to finish cooking dinner. Parents can use Bonus Time to celebrate successes, encourage independence, establish expectations, and build self-confidence.

Four screenshots of new parental controls Bonus Time features in the Aura product.

Aura’s History and Bonus Time features are now included in all Aura Family plans, as part of Aura's all-in-one online safety platform that protects families from financial fraud, identity theft and other online threats.


Aura is the first truly intelligent safety solution, protecting everything your family does online. With an easy-to-use, AI-powered platform that continuously adapts to evolving online risks, Aura mitigates threats before they become real problems. By focusing on preventative protection – leveraging our #1 rated identity protection services, automatically updating breached passwords found on the dark web, auto-blocking call and SMS scams, and alerting parents to cyberbullying and online predators – Aura puts families a step ahead of cybercriminals for the first time. To learn more, visit www.aura.com.