Art is all around us, and it all has an Aura.

We are technology veterans who are passionate about having, deepening, and sharing art experiences of all kinds, from art in museums and galleries, to street art, the art in our homes, and local artists' work in our corner cafe.

We are applying state of the art mobile, social, sensor, location and big data technology to create a universal mobile art network.

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We're a Silicon Valley seed stage startup in a great open office space in downtown San Francisco. Our founders have stellar track records with multiple successful exits including the first significant big data IPO, Splunk (currently worth >$7 billion) and experience building successful consumer apps and services in music, travel, books and more. We're partnering with some of the most important museums in the world and our advisors include leaders in museums, art, big data and mobile design.

Why art? Art is already one of the biggest markets - at $65 billion/year it's larger than movies or music - but still only a fraction of people who are curious about and go to see art actually buy art. We think the latest in mobile, location and big data can change that - but only if we have the smartest people working on the problem. We see a future in which art viewing and buying is a new habit for huge numbers of people around the world, with Aura by their side.

If you'd like to join us, we want to hear from you. We're still early enough to offer roles where you have the opportunity to define and lead your area of focus and have significant equity. We want you if you have the skills, confidence, and ambition to own your own destiny within a team that is breaking new ground every day. It also helps if you are curious and care about art - but no need to be an art expert! And it doesn't matter what kind of art grabs you - from street art to antiquities, and comics to time based media - it's all got an Aura.

Some of the roles we are looking to fill include:

Web engineers: define, architect and build a web interface to Aura
Data engineers and data scientists: help define, build and populate the Aura Universe, a semantic database of art and cultural associations
Android app engineers: define, architect and build our first Android app version
UX and visual design: figure out how users will interact with Aura on mobile devices in the presence of art experiences
Social and community marketing: Establish and manage Aura's presence in social media and within communities of art enthusiasts, students, experts and artists

But if you don't see what you do here and still think you have something to contribute, we still want to hear from you.

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Aura Network Inc

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