June 6, 2024

Aura Expands Industry-Leading Suite of Family Online Safety Features; Launches Free Digital Parenthood Community to Support Parents Raising Connected Kids

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NEW YORK, June 6, 2024Aura, the all-in-one online safety solution for individuals and families, today announced new family online safety features to help kids and families alike stay safe as they navigate the digital world. In today’s age of social media, big data and artificial intelligence, Aura better equips parents with increased visibility, relevant insights and real-time alerts into their kids' online experiences—fostering stronger connections and open dialogue. 

With proprietary technology powered by artificial intelligence, Aura monitors the who, what, where and when of families’ online lives, all while keeping information safe and protected from cybercriminals. The new features announced today are complemented with the official launch of Aura’s Digital Parenthood Community, a free online forum that allows parents to get expert answers to their questions and explore educational content from some of the most respected organizations in education, mental health and technology.

“As a father witnessing how fast technology can evolve, I wanted to be sure that my kids could navigate the digital world while being protected from online crime and discouraging development of unhealthy habits,” said Hari Ravichandran, founder and CEO, Aura. “We set out to build a solution that gives parents peace of mind, knowing they can protect themselves, their kids and their aging parents.”

With just a single login, Aura’s full suite Family Plan offering now has more than 50 features to keep parents in the know and the whole family safe.

New Features Help Parents Stay in the Know on New Activities

Parents can stay informed about kids’ online activities through real-time alerts and insights into the apps they’re using and websites they’re visiting. With New App Alert, parents will be informed when a new app is downloaded on their kid’s device and Aura will prompt you to set time limits and content filters for each platform to manage what kids can access. 

With Week-Over-Week Alerts, parents receive an alert when their kids' social media usage has increased substantially week over week, flagging instances when time spent on their devices is at least 10% higher or lower than it was during the prior week.

New Features to Promote Healthier Online Behaviors

Aura is redefining family online safety beyond privacy and security by providing parents with tools to set boundaries and identify risks in real-time. 70% of kids check their mobile devices within 30 minutes of falling asleep at night, so Aura launched its Bedtime feature, which will block the child’s devices from accessing the internet at a specified time. Soon, Aura will introduce Focus Time, which will allow parents to set a customized screen time schedule for homework time, dinner time or any other times when internet restriction would be beneficial. These features can help parents promote healthy relationships with technology, emphasizing the positive aspects of device usage while mitigating potential risks.

Aura’s Digital Parenthood Community: Created For You, By Experts 

Aura’s Digital Parenthood Community is now available to all. This first-of-its-kind, free online community will equip families with the resources and support they need to feel empowered and confident raising a connected generation.

Accessible via DigitalParenthood.com, the Aura Digital Parenthood Community will provide parents the opportunity to read content from expert partners like Boston Children’s Hospital Digital Wellness Lab, Common Sense Media, the American Academy of Pediatrics Center on Excellence on Social Media and Youth Mental Health and Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop. Parents can additionally submit a question via a form within the community to receive an answer from a top expert in the Digital Parenthood Coalition.

And there are even more exciting features slated for introduction in the coming year.

Aura’s 2024 Report on Parenting in a Digital Age 

Aura’s “State of the Youth: Report on Raising a Connected Generation”, which includes proprietary insights around adolescent behaviors online and findings from a national survey conducted by Gallup, is now live. The report spotlights the ways parents are engaging with the digital landscape and identifies areas of opportunity for healthier online behaviors among children and to empower and support families as they foster healthier online behaviors for their families. Read it here.

The updates to Aura’s parental controls features, new Community, and State of the Youth report, including the Gallup survey of parents, are part of Aura’s Digital Parenthood Initiative.  For more information on Aura’s efforts to support parents as they raise connected kids, please visit DigitalParenthood.com.  


Aura is one of the fastest growing online safety solutions for individuals and families. Whether you're protecting yourself, your kids, or your aging loved ones, Aura can meet your needs at every stage of life. Customers trust Aura's simple interface to effortlessly safeguard the things they care about most. Through real-time monitoring and alerts, Aura helps detect and mitigate emerging online threats, such as scams, predators and cyberbullying. To discover how Aura is reshaping online safety for people everywhere, visit www.aura.com.


Digital Parenthood is Aura’s public commitment to starting a national conversation around healthy online behaviors for families. The time is now to examine the content consumed, discuss the social pressures kids face today, and give parents the tools they need to raise kids who can confidently and safely navigate the online world. To learn more, please visit DigitalParenthood.com

For further information, please contact media@aura.com.