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How do Time Limits work for Aura Parental Controls?

What are Time Limits?

Time Limits allow parents to set restrictions on the amount of time their children can spend on the internet, helping parents manage and balance their children's online time and encourage healthy habits.

Aura provides 4 ways to set Time Limits giving parents maximum flexibility:

  • Daily time limits, such as a maximum number of hours per day
  • Time limits for individual apps
  • Time limits for specific websites
  • Time limits for categories, such as music, social media, online shopping, etc.

Time limits will be enforced by stopping the child’s ability to go online. If the child is using an app that does not use the internet or has preloaded content on their device (think Netflix and YouTube pre-loading) then it’s possible your child can still do things on their phone, they just won’t be able to get new content after a time limit has been reached.

How to set up Time limits:
In the Aura app, once you have added your child, you can scroll down and locate the “Time limit” card on your child’s profile screen.
Aura gives you the flexibility to set up Time limits before you link a child’s device OR after you link a child’s device. 

  • If you set up Time limits before linking your child’s device they will automatically apply as soon as you link your child’s device! 

You can adjust your child’s Time limits at any time by going to your child’s profile page and tapping the Time limits card. 

We will notify you when your child hits their Time limits. Aura also provides a summary of online time and usage to keep you informed!

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